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    Duality Energy Jing Wei


    Anyway... i don't know if i'm on time, but HEY I DID A THING

    Warning: lol this gonna be sooo image-heavy, sorry

    So basically, the main idea of the skin is choosing a path at the start of the match (maybe it's reset on death and you can choose again...? Hm, would be cool)

    The evolution itself -and effects of the T2 and T3 evolutions- depends of which path the player choose.
    But first, here's the T1

    The symbol is pretty... Test-y, i literally did this last minute, colors are a little off on all the tiers too, sorry @_@
    But i hope that the main idea is simple enough to understand~

    Anyway, after Lv. 5 the 'path' you choose becomes to matter.
    This little... thing i call "example image" should explain better:

    So, the thing is: You choose between the "Witch Side" or the "Battle Magic side" on a screen (like Morrigan's ult one, or Kali's targets) at the start of the match, and reaching level 5 will transform Jing into the T2 of the choosen side.

    Witch Path T2 Jing Wei

    Battle Magic Path T2 Jing Wei

    Yeah, should be easy to imagine how the things are going now~
    But before i go to the T3 transformations... IT'S NOT OVER YEEET~

    Well, there's another little detail (literally detail -lol)
    From the very beginning (even T1) ALL the first uses of skills will add some... energy add-ons(?) to Jing.

    •Persistent Gust will add an glowing symbol on the chest
    •Explosive Bolts will add two glowing... rings(?) on the arms
    •Agility will add two glowing wing-symbol-things on Jing's feets
    •Air Strike will add glowing wings (so, T1 havent they.)
    •It resets/disappear if Jing dies or transforms.

    The add-ons are the same in all tiers of both paths, just changing color.

    Now finally the T3 transformations!

    Witch Path T3 Jing Wei

    Battle Magic Path T3 Jing Wei

    So, in this tier, Jing stops attacking with her... pink-energy-crystal-shooter, to use Wands/Staffs/These.
    She's bigger (and older?) AND BOI SHE F-L-O-A-T-S~
    Also, now Explosive Bolts transforms her wandstaffthing into an bow (wow, we finally got here. A bow. For a Hunter.)
    A FABULOUS BOW, of course.

    Ah, i also did drawings of the T3 forms with the add-ons!

    Witch Path T3

    Battle Magic Path T3

    I hope that it serves as a good example.
    (again, it happens to aaaall the forms, but c'mon, i did it last minute, I WAS SO IN HURRY THINKING THE CONTEST WERE ENDING - and it... has ended, right? I'm just posting this here but it's just because i want to show what i made :'D
    ... Or it's still up? Well, anyway, that's basically the concept! : D

    I hope that my messy and last-minute-despair drawings could demonstrate my idea. Or is it too confusing? Gaah @_@

    'k bye
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