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    Exclamation Happily Never After Medusa (illustrated)

    *** This is Svadhisthana, I'm borrowing my friend's account because I can't even login to the forum :-/

    Happily Never After Medusa
    Hey y’all! This is a concept for 2018 Tier 5 for Medusa, the art is by Chisien (In game name AsiyaYuga) and concept is by me, Svadhisthana. We’re trying to approach something drastic or hyperbolic from a comedic side to horror, imagine all the bride theme movies you ever saw meets your worst monster nightmare at the end. Maybe it’s like a wedding version of From Dusk Til Dawn but campier and instead of vampires, just a big female mutant snake.

    Default changes:

    Instead of regular arrows/snakes that Medusa uses, she uses sticks of roses and bouquets.
    She has a veil in front of her and during her ultimate the veil is lifted up during the beam.

    The background story:

    Phase 1: (Level 1-7)

    Medusa is a cheerful, innocent, energetic and beautiful pro archer athlete who is on her way to her wedding and in honor to her own profession she carries a bow and a pot of flowers.

    Skill 1: Medusa readies some bouquets to shoot out, her aura is red full of love that glows.
    Skill 2: Instead of Acids Spray, Medusa throws some confetti and glitters to her attendees.
    Skill 3: Medusa rushes forwards to you while shouting “I’m coming for you!” in a cute way, and gives you a peck on your cheek when tagged.
    Skill 4: Medusa radiates her love to the world, when she’s about to throw the beam a huge church wedding bell appears and bongs. People get petrified of her beauty in a cartoonish manner.

    Phase 2: (Level 8-12)

    Disaster! Medusa is left at her by her beau at the altar! She storms out of the church which ironically there is a storm outside as well that her beautiful dress is now dirty and she is crying out of a broken heart.

    Skill 1: She throws out her leftover sort drying bouquets now crying in disappointment, her glow turns gloomy red.
    Skill 2: Now instead of glitters and confetti, Medusa throws out stones and dirt, an expression of her anger.
    Skill 3: Medusa dashes to people and grabs them lightly on the shoulders and screams “WHY?”
    Skill 4: Medusa beams the world in a sorrow glow, still trying to find hope only to see the church wedding bell just breaks in half. Leaving people confused.

    **At the end of this phase we imagine a silly unfortunate event where Medusa while running in the muddy road or woods (in our heads) she got bitten by a tiny radioactive alien albino snake with a little animation that the snake leaped on her she got bitten on her arm and screamed ouch, what is that and thus, what is happening to me.

    Phase 3: (Level 13-16)

    Now Medusa who is slowly mutating confused to what’s happening to her, is more angry at the world that she thinks she’s treated unfairly and grows into more despair that her life just goes into ruins in a short time.

    Skill 1: All the flowers and bouquets now turns into thorns and a ball of thorns.
    Skill 2: Already mutated, Medusa now spews red acid.
    Skill 3: Now instead of grabbing them, Medusa chokes people. Now shouts, “WHY ME.”
    Skill 4: Following her mutation Medusa turns people in fear, half stoned.

    Phase 4: (Level 17-20)

    Complete mutation has turned Medusa into a horrific monster, a total opposite to what a bright charming woman she was into a monster that just aims to destroy people because she wants other people to feel her pain and sorrow as well. Revenge is all she has!

    Skill 1: Similar to her default now she throws white colored snakes, her arrows are still thorn shaped.
    Skill 2: Her acid slightly burns people and still red colored.
    Skill 3: Following to her original Medusa design, Medusa catches people and screams “FEEL MY PAIN.”
    Skill 4: Medusa absolutely petrifies people with her horrendous form now in full stone form. Now screaming in monstrous voice and only seeks revenge.

    Thanks for the attention!

    Svadhisthana & Chisien (AsiyaYuga)

    Links to all images for your eyes only:
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