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    Medusa Scarecrow

    This is Medusa Scarecrow T5 skin: "Crow nightmare", Medusa is a scarecrowish entity that evolves into more sinister forms, instead of serpents there are 4 crows flying by and behind her head, in her ult she transforms gods into scarecrows (instead of statues), her final form is a burning scarecrow an your ult transforms gods into burning ones.

    One key of the T5 skin is that you have to love each stage of the skin, not just waiting for the final stance to come.

    As she evolves her limbs and joints are reinforced with nails, wire and scrape wood plus elements of dark magic in later stages.

    1.- Viper shot: the crows fly in front of her and she sends them one by one instead of shooting her bow, there is an animation of the crow peeking the target while the bleeding lasts
    2.- Acid Spray: she can throw a pumpkin or spit acid like the original or spit a cloud of insects
    3.- Lacerate: same than original
    4.- Petrify: she transforms dead gods into scarecrows, the effects and the scarecrows are different in each stage:
    --4.1.- 1st and 2nd stage: common scarecrows, there is wheat and poppies at their feet, at the end of the ability there is an effect of whirling dust clouds with floating hay
    --4.2.- 3rd stage: more sinister scarecrows with candles at their feet and skulls / like altars of black magic. The fx of the ability is a dark light with sparks of blood
    --4.3.- 4th stage: burning scarecrows, the ground in the area gets also burnt (the area her ult was shot). The fx of the ability is a dark light with sparks of fire

    SKINS: I cant see the images on the forum so I also add the link to imgur


    In this level her structure is not strong enough and she has ragdoll movements, also when she stands still for some time her body falls till it gets pulled by the ropes at her back, when moving leaves small patches of hay behind


    A wooden/wire/nail structure reinforces her so now she moves normally, when moving leaves small patches of hay behind.


    Hadnt enought time to paint it properly, but should look like the figure on the right, the wood has evolved into a mix of armor-skeleton, she uses a wooden corset and inside her thorax/abdomen there is hay and skulls. The crows could leave some trail of dark clouds/smoke
    when moving Medusa leaves small patches of dark hay and blood behind


    The drawing is really bad in this one but time was running out! it must be pressed that she is a burning scarecrow not a creature made of fire, from time to time small burning pieces fall from her arms or head, she shoots fire arrows and when moving she leaves a burning trail. The crows could be on fire or keep emitting smoke/dark clouds

    We need a scarecrow skin in SMITE, the easiest one would be Loki's scarecrow but Medusa T5 transformations also offer very interesting ideas (and transforming gods into burning scarecrows with your ult should look epic!)
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