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Thread: Reborn flame Hou Yi

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    Reborn flame Hou Yi

    First of all I couldn't finish drawing the quiver, abilities, arrows and bows due to drawing so much my fingers hurt. Tried to do as much as I could.

    Background: Basically a phoenix hunter who has taken his kill, and adored his self with its pelt and beak. However the phoenix is slowly being reborn through each of the stages until it has taken over in the final form. (of course Hirez can some up with another story. I don't care)

    As for abilities. I've kind of ran out of time on designing those. However I will say for the final form's 3rd abilities, flame wings sprout. (Its not a requirement to do the abilities is it..?)

    Stage 1 -
    Stage 2 -
    Stage 3 -
    Stage 4 -

    I can only do so much with my current drawings skills. Hopefully its enough..

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    Good idea ,why is no one interested in T5 Hou yi

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