Console Updates:

New Features
  • Vote Pause will return to Ranked and Custom matches. Players will need to initiate and submit their pause vote through the Escape Menu.

Bug Fixes
  • We fixed an issue where Ratatoskr couldn’t upgrade his Acorn outside of the fountain.
  • We fixed an issue where The Morrigan’s ability Icons would not display during her Ultimate after changing into 2 or more gods.
  • We fixed an issue where tutorial instructions were being displayed in the wrong location.
  • We fixed an issue where players could lose controller functionality after selecting the God Pack advertisement.

Known Issues
  • The End of Match Lobby may have an incorrect button call-out on the bottom bar.

Bacchus Visual Update


Enemy Bacchus

Bacchus Masteries

New God Skins

Abyssal Sorcerer Poseidon

Vanguard Hercules

Eliminator Ravana

The Marksman Rama

Seductress Da Ji

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