Pantheon : Greek

Role : Mage(Magic assassin)Hybrid type of damage (can become magic or physic by passive)

Abilities :

PASSIVE : Hybrid Predator

When an nearest enemy is out of mana, Sphinx gains damage and protections(protections and damage depending if an enemy have physic or magic damage)

Mana Burn(Super auto-attack) : Sphinx can manaburn an enemy god by attack, this spell needs 15 points of mana for each using.

Multiples answers : Sphinx stun an enemy by a difficult question during 3 seconds.

Leap to the unknown : Sphinx leap to a point, he can carry an allied god before cast.range : 10 meters

ULTIMATE Riddle of the Sphinx : Sphynx asks to the targeted god (can work on allies gods)
"Which creature has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?"

Wrong answer(enemies) : Instant dead if 50% of life

Good Answer(allies) : Gain 50% of life