This idea was first an idea I sent a few years ago here.

Ullr is a tinker. Jeans, undershirt, and stubbly chin.

When he fights at melee, he uses a hammer. A normal hammer, as everyone has at home. He can throw his hammer of course to stun.

When he fights at range, he uses a gun...a screw gun! He shoots screw for his basic attacks. For his first skill, he sends a bigger screw passing through all ennemies. For his third skill, he shoots in the air and make a screw rain!

But he's just an employee, nothing else. He'll specialize only if he kills an ennemy God in a stance!

If he kills an ennemy with his hammer, he becomes a demolission worker. An yellow helmet, a collection of hammers on his belts. He chose the way of the destruction. His hammers become two claw hammers. Bigger, and two sides! One to hit, another to...well, let's censor a bit. For his first skill, he sends a big sledgehammer. If he jumps, he will crush hardly the ground with that sledgehammer.

His range mode doesn't change at all.

However, if he kills an ennemy God while in range mode, he'll become a builder. He chose the path of repair. A blue helmet, a tool belt with every type of tools. His melee mode doesn't change but his screw gun becomes a hammer drill and he shoots bits. A giant drill pierce all ennemies with his first skill(was hesitating with a wrench)while a rain of screwdrivers happens when he uses his third skill.

If Ullr dies, he turns back into a normal tinker. Kills an ennemy God, choose your path!

Thanks for having read!