It's time to go all around the word! And Jing Wei can! As a tourist, she will gather all clichés and will go over all continents! The first one will be the continent from the player's avatar if it is a country flag, if not, it will be from his server choice. She will change Continent everytime she will use her passive. A VXG(Special emote)will let you choose during your passive your next journey. If you don't choose, it will be random.

Africa: she will be wearing Egyptian dress like Cleopatra with a Pharoh headgear.
America: she will be the Statue of Liberty.
Asia: I was thinking about Buddha but...she will choose Indian clothes to match with Indira Gandhi(or the Mahatma? I thought the Chinese hat was too much cliché).
Europe: Manneken Pis is censored? What? So, I suggest Mona Lisa, obviously.
Oceania: Time to have fun as a Kangaroo!

Jing Wei will shoot fold-flags. When using Explosive Bolts, the flags will unfold a bit as an explosion. A random flag from the continent will be displayed everytime.

Persistent Gust:
Africa: The Pyramids will be on the ground, dealing damage to ennemies in. The Lighthouse of Alexendria will rise from the ground to make someone jump.
America: Ever heard about Holliwood's Wall of Fame? Then you'll understand what you'll see on the ground. Many flashes will happen with claps at every jump.
Asia: Some spikes will be on the ground(Fakirs'). A magic carpet will make any walker fly.
Europe: The Coliseum will be on the ground and the Eifel Tower will rise to make people jump.
Oceania: Ayer's Rock, of course, will be on the ground and be deployed like a paper one everytime.

Flying with Agility:
Africa: Was thinking of an African swallow carrying a coconut...
America: Jing will be an Indian totem during the fly.
Asia: Jing will be gliding over Chinese wall.
Europe: Jing will fly over Londer Bridge(Tower Bridge).
Oceania: Jing will fly, riding a duck-billed platypus.

Africa: Jing's starting point is the Kilimandjaro and runs like an Olympic sprinter to the sky.
America: Jing becomes a rocket(why not an Apollo?).
Asia: Jing becomes a jet...I cannot explain it well, I can't it refering to Pearl Harbour.
Europe: Jing is launched from a cannon...but that cannon is the Leaning Tower of Pisa!
Oceana: The starting area becomes the Sydney Opera and the singing propels the kangaroo into the sky, bombing with music.
Thanks for having read!