Hello all,

Here a skin concept for Hou Yi. Hou Yi will be Elemental-based. First, he'll be Wooden. He can change form killing an ennemy God with a skill and turns back to Wood upon death. Maybe setting a cooldown to avoid bugs with a insta-penta would be nice however.

Wood(basic or after dying):
Hou Yi is just like a puppet, completly wooden. His bow and arrows too. His Ricochet will look slow and with low effect.
Golden Crow will be a wooden bird, just like a hand-made one.
He will leave some roots on the ground after landing from Dive Bomb. And some wooden spring will make him jump.
His ultimate will show wooden sphere, empty. Upon falling, the sphere explodes in many thorns.

Water(after a kill with Ricochet):
Hou Yi will become just like a water spirit. Nearly like a ghost. His bow is nearly a part of himself and his water arrows create little shockwave just like a rock thrown into water. Same for Ricochet.
Golden Crow will be a manta ray.
After Dive Bomb, you'll get splashed. His jump will be made just like if he was emerging from water.
His ultimate is a giant water ball splashing the ground.

Air(after a kill with Basic Attack on an ennemy under Golden Crow):
Hou Yi will have a feather-cloak. He will look like a crow himself. His bow will be made from bird bones. His arrows have a trail and are transparent(or nearly).
Golden Crow will be a light bird, just like a sparrow or a robin.
Hou Yi will spread wings to fly for Dive Bomb.
Huge air spinning balls will fall for his ultimate, turning into a whirlwind on the ground.

Earth(after a kill with Dive Bomb):
Hou Yi will have a dark cloak with some branches and leaves on. His bow will be a magnificient from branch with symbols. His arrows will be larger, nearly like bolts. The effect is more violent upon impact.
Golden Crow will be a snake on the way and a frog above the head.
Hou Yi will jump thanks to a rising tree and will fall with a nearly-stone effect on the ground.
The ultimate will be a fall of planets. Nine suns so nine planets. Any idea? Mercury, Venus, Earth(or Moon(with a Chang'e on?)), Mars, and you know the other ones to Pluto.

Fire(after a kill with Sunbreaker):
Hou Yi will be nearly like Human Torch. His fire bow will burn and his arrows will always be on fire...sorry, you have understood.
Golden Crow will be a phoenix(whatelse?).
Hou Yi will jump from a flame geyser/volcano for Dive Bomb and will fall in an explosion.
His ultimate will of course be fire balls, but really flames, no a sun. The whole area will be on fire, like in Hell.

Thanks for having read!