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Thread: T5 Dragon Magic Skadi

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    Lightbulb T5 Dragon Magic Skadi

    Unfortunately I am not artistic, so no artwork. ☹ I would love to hear any ideas to help improve the concept.

    Dragon Magic Skadi

    This is a 3 stage skin with a progression similar to MMOs and an ultimate activated effect on Kaldr. Skadi Is a sorcerer progressing from low level with upgrading armor/equipment and Kaldr is a growing dragon.

    Stage 1 levels 1-4:
    Skadi would be in simple clothes. Kaldr would be transformed into a small Dragon (~1/3-1/2 the size of normal Kaldr). It would be as if he had recently hatched. His wings would be small and unable to hold him up in flight and he moves on all fours.

    Stage 2 Levels 5-14:
    Skadi's appearance would be upgraded to medium armor/robes. Kaldr would grow in size to about (~3/4 of his normal size-). His wings will now be sized properly.

    Stage 3 Level 15-20:
    Skadi is in fully upgraded armor/robes with a magical glow to her eyes and maybe some glowing markings/tatoos. Kaldr would grow in size(to his normal size or larger if possible). His body markings and eyes would glow the same as Skadi.

    Basics: Could be kept as a spear similar to her current or transformed into controlled fire she throws magically.

    Piercing cold: Would be transformed into flame like a dragon's fire breath. Similar to ares or agni's fire abilities.

    Permafrost: Would swirl with wind effects similar to Kuku's whirlwind. So instead of ice causing the slide it would be wind.

    Winters Grasp(ult): Would swirl with wind and flame effects. Like a combination of her current effects with Kuku's whirlwind effects. Kaldr would move on all fours until you use the ult. Once Skadi/Kaldr's Ult has been activated Kaldr then takes flight off of the ground for his movement. He stays in flight until Skadi's next Death.

    For colors I would ideally like to see whites, blues, and purples. In my vision dragon Kaldr is a white or purple dragon and blue or purple flame/glow effects. Skadi would have long hair or have it tied up/braided somehow.

    I am of course open to suggestions and changes on any part of the concept though. Thanks for reading!

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    I'll have to repeat myself here (I said the same thing on the other, similar concept): There are a lot of dragon themed concepts this time around, but that doesn't mean they can't be unique, at least the ideas within the concepts. I like the idea of Skadi and Kaldr both having glowing eyes and markings/tattoos, thus allowing us to see that unique connection they have. Unfortunately, there is only one thing, there could be little connection to Skadi's original lore, but as I said it before, gods can change. Say, Skadi stumbles upon a dragon egg and decides to take care of it so that she can have a powerful companion. Seeing as it most certainly paid out, she wanted to delve into more draconic and magical stuff, gaining more knowledge and power and eventually becoming much more powerful goddess (more than she would be as a "simple" goddess of winter, perhaps this time around she'd be referred to as the goddess of dragons). So there could be some workaround with the lore. That would also explain how her abilities make use other of elements (fire, wind...) and not just snow/ice. And one more thing, I don't like the idea of white/blue/ purple colors. Especially not white. It would better suit the concept if it was ice based but it's not the case here. I'd personally like to see the usual combination of colors (for a dragon theme), such as red, black, green with red or orange glow. No further changes would be necessary then.

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