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    Forgotten Grace Medusa (From statue to celestial being)


    There was once a divine and beautiful being, who traveled across countless galaxies, held countless worlds on her delicate fingertips. She has seen every inch of the universe but does not control or create them...only destroy them. She has only witnessed births of every universe, walked through them, and has brought their demise. She was only a part of bigger group of celestial gods who destroy countless lives across the galaxy.

    Sadly, she has grown tired of this routine. With all this immortal power, she longs to be ended rather seeing lives end in front of her. The others gods were furious with her being....different. They banished her.

    She was left wandering space for all eternity. But then, she saw a dust of white clouds, swirling into a spiral. These were dust nor clouds...these were stars. She discovered she can create than destroy, so she made planets and creatures all within that galaxy. But suddenly, the other gods found her creating such atrocities. So they destroyed her physical form, sending out shards of her flying through out the galaxy she created. They landed onto planets, they stuck to crashing asteroids...most of them are still floating in space.

    One of them turned into a meteor and crash landed on earth, killing the dinosaurs. The giant remnant of the meteor was then chiseled into a beautiful statue...forever to stand as a relic. After a million years more, she wants to live again. Pieces of her now come alive across the galaxy she created. The divine being covered in a stone shell is now alive and wants to be whole again.....but alas, she has awaken at the wrong time.

    A time where gods clash, and the skies storm. There are no men for now, only warriors. Worshippers who fight for their gods. She could not stand this. She needs to escape this planet. She could not hide no longer. She will end this herself...and take revenge on those who took her apart.

    Please Click The Yellow Text To See Images...


    Level 1 to 4: Medusa is an old stone statue

    Level 5 to 9: Medusa’s stone shell starts to crumble and her cracks start to glow. She sheds bits of stone off, revealing tiny spots of glowing white on her body.

    Level 10 to 14: Medusa’s stone skin is nearing destruction. Her hands are free, revealing white glowing skin. She also breaks out one arm from the left part of her abdomen and her head also has little hands that break out. The gems all over her body glows faintly

    Level 15 to 20: Medusa has hatched from her stone prison and is now a divine being. Only a part of her original form but is still very powerful. Her face? Just a pure white glow with no features. Those who look at her are frozen in place....literally


    Level 1 to 9

    Level 10 to 14 and activating Viper Shot from level 1 to 9

    Level 15 to 20


    Level 1 to 4

    Level 5 to 9

    Level 10 to 14

    Level 15 to 20


    (Disclaimer: Please use common sense to know which one is on which level. Thank you)




    TL;DR Medusa starts as a statue and ends being some kind of celestial god creature thing
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