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Thread: Ullr Odyssey Skin Wolf Knight and Falcon Ranger

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    Ullr Odyssey Skin Wolf Knight and Falcon Ranger

    Ullr Axe Stance Skin:
    Ullr Bow Stance Skin: (Will be drawn based on interest/laziness, sorry)

    This is my idea of a Ullr odyssey skin. The general theme revolves around a warrior cursed by both a wolf and a falcon. I came up with this skin mainly due to a growing interest in a wolf based axe stance for Ullr, mainly claw based weapons. I can easily see Ullr using any melee instead of axes, but claws are cool so I went with that. I also added in notes on what his abilities should look/sound like, and my personal opinions on the look of the skin. It's a really ROUGH draft. I'm not happy with most of it. The torso piece is severely lacking, I drew the claws too short, his red energy parts could be more flame like, giving it that extra oomph, etc. I'm not too upset about uploading this now, as I simply wish for HiRez to use this skin as a some sort of inspiration or base, as their art department is much more skilled at this than I clearly am. I really do like this helmet design though, and if they do go with a wolf axe stance, I'd really like to see it be used. I also want to hear your thoughts and opinions, so feel free to go wild.

    The pawprint effect mentioned is from Da Ji's skins, as it's too cool of an effect to leave for one god/goddess. I drew major inspiration from Gregar (Megaman) and Rhihimon (Digimon). I didn't go for a level up design here because I don't really like the level up transformations. I'd rather look cool all game rather than just late game. The idea behind the stance switching is that Ullr would explode into a flame matching the color theme of the stance he's swapping into. Stance swapping would change his skin, voice pack, emotes (maybe), etc.

    The bow stance will be drawn later, if this skin actually shows some popularity (i.e one person who encourages me). The general idea for it would be a similar styled falcon helmet, possibly something like Falzar from Megaman as well. The color scheme would be a kind of cobalt blue feather coating, and steel armor with a white trim. He might not even need a bow, and could just shoot from a set of wings, but that might be overkill on animations. Overall I really like this idea and kind of wanna draw it, but I'm also a lazy boi.

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