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Thread: Lich Queen Skadi (Illustraded)

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    Lich Queen Skadi (Illustraded)

    With a distinct lack of female T5's i figured Skadi would make the best candidate (her current skins aren't exactly popular among a lot of players). This is my take on Skadi as a necromancer with a bone-hound companion in the form of Kaldr.

    I've tried my best to illustrate what I envisioned when thinking of this skin, there's room for improvement needless to say however I've tried to make sure that everything would be possible with regards to Skadi's model.

    Skadi's basic's remain hunter-like in that she throws her bone spears at her enemies as she throws them you hear the chattering of bones rather than the crystalline ice sounds they usually make.

    - Skadi's 1st ability becomes an almost spectral flaming skull fired from her palm
    - Skadi's 2nd ability allows her to send Kaldr to terrify her enemies as the giant flaming bone-hound he is
    - Skadi's third ability had more room for adjustment, i thought it could be cool to have a turquoise swirling area of energy and every now and then a pale skeletal soul would come and press itself against the surface as though its made of glass stopping their escape.
    - Skadi's ult is where things get interesting, Skadi would float into the air slightly , erupt in blue/greenish souls and be reborn in her lich form, her visuals update and her 3 becomes more destabilized with the souls exiting the pool and vanishing into the air around the area. but aside that most of the abilities stay the same as with Thor's Ragnarok force skin. she is reverted to her non-lich form after death.
    ( in case anyone needs it,for a better look at the designs i urge you to go to the following: )

    -While in human form skadi's voice is a very regal powerful and deep tone
    -Skadi's voicepack in her full lich form would be an almost whispered wheezing female voice with some echoing for a more spine chilling effect

    (P.S Don't be afraid to comment any changes or suggestions. I'm more than happy to edit the images based off of your suggestions to make it something the community wants )

    Kaldr's upgraded form:

    1st possible edit based off of comments:

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