Hey guys, so I'm like terrible at drawing. However, I've had this idea for Ullr and I think itd be a sweet idea. So the idea is pretty much (Werewolf Hunter/Bow) and (Werewolf/Axe). So this idea came from the idea that Ullr is a wilderness hunter who likes to rain arrows from afar then close in and finish the fleeing Gods!
Phase One:
He starts off (Bow) torn clothes slightly bloodied with a worn out bow, while as a Werewolf (Axe) He is more human like. Fur would be growing on him his hands would be claws. (for his 1 he slashes the air and travels hitting an enemy). When he changes forms he just grows the hair then the hair retreats if going from Axe to Bow

Phase Two: In Bow form he is wearing like a leather vest with a stronger looking bow, His 1 and 3 would transition colors from a metal grey to more silver color. While when you use your 2 the bow shines brighter and sort of glimmers. While in the Axe form fur has completely covered him, but he still remains human posture and human like face. His 1 becomes a brighter Red, His 2 he growls with his buff, and his three he launches into the air with just his legs. When he changes forms black clouds circle him as he changes to werewolf and the circle him again when he changes back.

Phase Three: Back to (Bow) form Ullr begins to were a cloak with a silver trim, His quiver gleams slightly from (silver arrows). He has some claw marks that aren't too prevalent on his face and arms. The bow becomes a heavy silver bow that sparkles every now and then. 1) as the arrow goes out a silver spiral circles the arrow. 2) the bow glows and sparkles faster. 3) When the arrow hits the ground silver sparks fly out. (Axe) form Ullr begins to become more feral his face becomes more beast like he becomes slightly larger and more hunched over while his arms become slightly longer and larger claws. 1) the claw marks spin in a circle as the move outwards. 2) He howls increasing his move speed. 3) He jumps off the ground from all fours. When he changes to Werewolf form a Full moon appears over him and he growls as he becomes a beast. Then when he becomes human clouds cover up the moon and the fur disappears. When in (Axe) form and out of combat he runs on all fours.

Phase Four (Final Phase): (Bow) Ullr has a hood on with a crescent moon on the top and silver trim and scars line his face. Hard Leather armor with boots. Pouches lined across his belt. His arrows and bow now glow a moon Silver. 1) Moon Silver arrow moves outwards as it gleams. 2) Moon light washes over Ullr as moon light circles him (indicating his abilities is active) 3) Moon light (no arrow but an actual light beam) hit the targeted area. When he changes into Werewolf he howls loudly (all players hear it if they are nearby) So the werewolf is larger and hairier. The eyes become blood red and blood drips from his claws (similar to the jason inspired chaac skin) a couple of arrows are stuck into his back. 1)As the claw projectile launches forward blood drips from it and leaves a small trail before disappearing once it hits its max range or a God. 2) he Howls as a full moon follows until it expires. 3) Leaps into target area(similar to wolf leaping onto prey looking head and claws first) When he changes back into a Human a full moon disappears into a New moon as Ullr pulls his bow out of thin air from the previous moon light (hence the disappearing moon).

Anyway the way this skin could progress could be with surviving or getting kills and assists to follow the "Hunter" theme but if that isnt possibly we could stick to the level progression. If you have any suggestions or ideas I'd love to hear it.