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Thread: New god concept : Indra king of Nirvana (Indian pantheon)

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    New god concept : Indra king of Nirvana (Indian pantheon)

    Class : Warrior
    Pantheon : Indian
    Strenghts : CC/High damage/High mobility
    Difficulty : Easy

    (artwork is not mine )

    PASSIVE : Lightning strike : Indra have a chance to make a critical strike 5%

    Lightning weapons : Indra enchants his weapons and gain bonus damage for few seconds

    Rainbow shield : Indra gain 3 charges of rainbow shield when an enemy attacks him he become blind for 2 seconds

    Cloud charge : Indra jump on a cloud and charge to the target and slow him , he can leap to deployables created by players.

    Airavata : Indra calls his white elephant and charge at 100 meters deals high damages and bumps all enemies on his way , he become invulnerable during the effect.

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    1) Passive reminiscent of Artemis' passive.

    2) I am fine with his first ability.

    3) Can this effect stack if the enemy keeps attacking? Or is there a grace period of enemy gods not being blinded?

    4) Reminiscent of Wukong's Ultimate

    4) Reminiscent of Guan Yu's Ultimate
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