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    Succubus Medusa

    This concept is inspired by Santanico Pandemonium, the vampire queen who first appears as an exotic dancer in the movie, From Dusk till Dawn. I also drew reference from Lilith of Hebrew mythology.

    Here's a clip of the famous Santanico Pandemonium exotic dance scene if you don't know what I'm referring to:

    Stage 1
    Medusa's upper half would resemble a beautiful seductress, with a serpentine lower half that would coordinate in color scheme. (I imagine red to be the thematic color) (Voice Pack: Enticing and siren-like, with a penchant for being suggestive)

    Stage 2
    In this stage, Medusa still retains a primarily humanoid upper half, but with subtle changes like fangs and sharp claws (or fingernails). I imagine her wearing some sort of regal head dress, and sporting an overall more sinister demeanor. (Voice Pack: The same voice, but with a demonic, deeper echo being audible)

    Stage 3
    At this point, it's clear that Medusa not so much a lady of the night, as she is a creature of the night; she has razor sharp claws, budding horns, and more reptilian features. (Voice Pack: the demonic echo discernible in the previous stage now is much more overpowering)

    Stage 4
    Medusa's final form is a full blown demon: dark skin, red eyes, demonic horns, salient tail, and wings (to pay homage to vampires and the classical depiction of Medusa) (Voice Pack: Sheer demonic voice; very savage with screeches and cackles, i.e., the whole nine yards)

    As far as animation ideas for her abilities, I think acid spray could start out as simply red, but become more concentrated with each stage, appearing viscous like blood.

    Let me know what you guys think! I'm open for suggestions!
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