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Thread: Destroyer of the Earth Hou Yi

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    Destroyer of the Earth Hou Yi

    My idea is to make an alien skin for Hou Yi. I have no art to go with this, so I will reference other things to try and explain my idea. I will include pictures, BUT NONE OF THE ART DO I CLAIM AS MY OWN.
    The basic Idea of this skin is an alien with a gauntlet that is slowly taking over his body. Instead of having an actual bow the gauntlet would be his weapon and fire laser like projectiles. For the base concept I picture something like a Turian from Mass Effect.


    The first stage of the skin would be the basic alien wearing a technological gauntlet on his bow hand, almost like a glove with a carbon fiber looking texture to it. It will have a single jewel inset on it, which will glow a neon color.

    At the second stage, the gauntlet has expanded and has taken over up to the elbow and there are neon markings (matching the jewel) on the alien's skin extending from where the now-extended gauntlet has met with skin. These markings look like a mix of circuits on a circuit board and veins

    At the third stage the gauntlet will have extended up to the shoulder and there will be wires reaching out from it to connect it to his back and chest (think Jax from Mortal Kombat). His left eye, the one on his gauntlet side, will change color and match the glowing markings that are spreading over his body.

    His final stage will have the gauntlet extending from the shoulder across his entire chest, his left ribs, his left shoulder blade and up the left side of his neck and he will have wires connecting to his head from his shoulder. Half of his head will be covered in technological growth akin to the borg assimilation from Star Trek, and his left eye will now become a robotic eye. This technology could come up from his face to make something reminiscent of Hou Yi's standard crown, and out of the back of the skull there could be wires that resembled Hou Yi's pony tail. His other eye will now change color to match the neon color to indicate that the gauntlet has completely taken over.


    Basic Attacks: Simple laser blast effects shooting out of the gauntlet, perhaps at the final stage he could have neon spikes growing from his right shoulder/back(where his quiver would normally be) that he could use as arrows. Kinda like the needler from Halo

    Ricochet: Would again be a laser and would cause a recoil animation when fired

    Mark of the Golden Crow: For the symbol it would be something resembling the Klingon alphabet and it would glow the same neon color as the rest of the skin. When in the final stage of this skin, while a target is marked a neon crosshair will emanate from his robotic eye.

    Divebomb: This would start out as normal, with the animation being Hou Yi reaching into the air and dangling from his bow(gauntlet), and when he lands the circuit pattern would appear on the ground. As the skin transitions through the stages he would gain more control, and would dangle less. The final stage would change the animation to be like the animation for Sun Wukong's Ultimate with the Dark Lord skin.

    Sunbreaker: Throughout the different stages there would different things that hit the ground. First level would be satellites, or laser mortar strikes. Second level would be meteors. Third level would be stars of different colors to represent different kinds of stars. At final level it would shoot down each planet in our solar system, and would change the skybox during the ult to a starry night sky, or a large black hole.

    Haven't thought of any voicelines or anything, though it'd be awesome if the voice could be something like the vocals of the band Rings of Saturn, and maybe have a music theme to go wtih the skin that would be Aliencore. Though I really loved the Demonic Pact music theme and really just want another metal music theme haha. That last part is a bit of a leap, but I thought it would be cool.

    That is my idea, I would love any and all ideas and criticsms. Hopefully you guys like this idea.

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    OMG i want people to show some interest on hou yi too , but this skin is scary :'(

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