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Thread: [Skadi] Dragon Mum / Wildling / Crow

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    Red face [Skadi] Dragon Mum / Wildling / Crow

    The first moment I saw Skadi, she reminded me strongly of some of the *Game Of Thrones* characters and I would really like to see that realized in some form.

    My first pick would be the "Dragon Mum", with an adaptation of the well-known and beloved "blue dress"

    If not, I feel like she also has the thing to be turned into a Wildling (like Ygritte) or even a Crow (like Jon).

    For the sake of the Tier 5 transformations though, I think the "Dragon Mum" version would work best. Maybe she could start out with a very basic dress / look, like in the beginning of the show, and then her hairdo, makeup, clothes and obviously Kaldr get more and more fancy and pompous (how about she gets a wing- or even fire effect in the end?). Would be cool to have Kaldr be a dragon, but I imagine it may be too much of a hassle, so maybe he could be "Ghost" (Jon Snow's wolf) instead?

    I really want to see this made, so maybe others have some more ideas based on this?
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    Cool idea!!

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    Honestly love the idea, for kaldr he can be a dragon egg at lvl 1 with his arms and legs poking out and hits like a nene kapa, then at lvl 5 he can break the shell and drop on all fours like a baby dragon ( color doesn't matter) then at lvl 10 he can sprout small wings and grow a bit, at lvl 15 he can spread his wings and some flapping animations when the ability is being summoned and recalled, at lvl 20 he'll turn into a full dragon capable of flying ( like a kukulkan hover), and attacks (like a fafnir dragon basic )

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