Hey everyone! You voted and your voices were heard. The class that will receive this year's Tier 5 Odyssey Skin will be....HUNTER.

You voted on for your favorite Hunters and we have narrowed down the God pool for the 2018 Tier 5 Odyssey Skin. The five Gods are:

  • Skadi
  • Ullr
  • Hou Yi
  • Medusa
  • Jing Wei

Only submit ideas around these gods. NO other God ideas/concepts will be considered.

We'll be accepting ideas for the next few weeks and then we'll narrow down all of the ideas to 3 concepts with deliberation from artists, animators, designers, community managers, and more. These 3 ideas/concepts will be re-concepted to better illustrate how they will look and work in-game and then put forward for another vote from the community.


Send us your ideas, concept art, stick figures, or mechanics! This is not an art contest, but rather a chance for the community to come together and create some really amazing ideas.

- If you're feeling creative, please draw out your idea. This makes it easeier for us and the community to understand your idea.

- If you're not feeling creative, you can write it out! Feel free to comment on threads that you like with suggestions or things you'd like to add or change.

Only submited ideas around the following gods:

  • Skadi
  • Ullr
  • Hou Yi
  • Medusa
  • Jing Wei



Submissions are open today until June 19th. Ideas posted after that time won't be considered.


If you have a unique idea/concept please post it on the Odyssey sub forum (pssst...that's HERE!).

If you have an ideas based off of another idea (or would like to build off it), please comment on that thread.
- For instance, no one has submitted a Demonic Anubis concept, so person A starts one. Person B then can comment with their idea on how that Skin might evolve. Person C may disagree with Person B and also post.
- We'll consider all of these interactions in our final decisions on how the Skin will look and which mechanics will be included.

Keep in mind: This is not a popularity contest. We're looking for designs that are: a) technically possible in-game, b) fits with the God / Class, c) unique/creative.


Submissions will have to undergo tweaks.

- Submitted artowrk will influence Skin design but not dictate it. Skins must be concepted and designed internally to make sure their design fits the requirements for that character and its role in the game.

Reference the God.

- Ideas that are inspired by and shaped similarly to the core God / Goddess will have a higher chance of inclusion/selection. We've included reference images for each of the winning Gods for you to use!

Add Transforming Mechanic.

- Ideas should have some type of transformation mechanic, where the God / Goddess has multiple forms. This could be determined by level (Thanatos, Anubis) or could coincide with some function of the God / Goddess (Thor). Please explaing this mechanic with your idea!

Submit it properly.

- Ideas must be submitted through the proper channels in order to be considered/included. Only ideas that are posted in the the forums will be considered.

Thank you so much for submitting your ideas, concepts, and feedback! We look forward to going through them. Please don't hesitate to reach out in this thread with any questions.


Click HERE to check out the official rules and regulations.