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Thread: Leaving a match early should not be penalised

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    Angry Leaving a match early should not be penalised

    There are few things in Smite that are nearly as frustrating as being stuck in an unpleasant game. That is why the surrender option exists.

    Unfortunately, the only time when surrender is possible is when the grand majority of the team want to. Three people in a five-man team can opt to surrender, but two naysayers are enough to negate their votes. How is this fair? And what about a joust game, where one person wants to leave but two people do not? Isn't this the perfect embodiment of Benjamin Franklin's quote "democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner"?

    Here is my suggestion: give players the option to exit game with reduced penalties (or without penalties at all) after the second surrender vote. The second surrender vote usually takes place at the 20th minute of a match or later, which is quite a long time of suffering if you've ever been stuck in an unpleasant match. No one should be forced to stay in a match they do not want to be in. At least with early leaving, players have the chance to save time (most people have a finite amount of game time) and hopefully have a better experience in the next game. Losing is penalty enough; don't make the game a chore as well.

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    YES, surrender goes by 10, 15? 20 minutes into the game. that is a long time when you group are morons and can't take a hint and click yes or anything at all.

    Know when you are beaten. it only takes the first 5 minutes into a match to know you are screwed.

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    Before ya read this: Im a developer aswell. I know the hard feelings of users and the complicate Situation oft a developer, means i can und er stand Both sides so:

    This Option wouldnt be good. Brings out Intention again AS there is always a way to win. Just go AFK! When reported, no one oft Hirez will ban you cause you did 15min your best and then just stayed in fountain AS all was pont less. Just ignore the People that will mesage you. But just let people do their stuff. Theres no other much better way to deal with or without penaltys.

    For me, there is also no matching option to take difference between "sad game, just surrender-People and People who has intention or especially intention in " i quit early for premate-friends and they do aswell and this for minimized penalty".

    After 5 Minutes you know that the game ends when youre cant stop the overfeed for example. But how to stop?
    Bring your People out of pointless situations, bring the late game in, or midgame. Cause 10-12 is a gamechanging Point cause the most Gods have their outcome there. Or try to hold on for level 20, all comes to fairness. It will be maybe really annoying, but at lvl20 with 2 skilled People there will be much room to do.

    In my mind, thats the reason why 2/3 are needed to surrender.

    In 5v5 its a lil bir unfair. The vote should End up at 4/1 as there it is maybe only possible to 4v5 the game, except a gamechanging Situation Like a Deicide caused by Killneeding or something. This can also happen in 3v3 aswell.

    So Theres much options for you to change the whole game, it will maybe a bit annoying, but its a good training and trains your mind aswell. But when you win it then.. Thats a feeling in this Game what youll dont get through freeWIN/normalWIN/premateQueueWin. Theres no comparable feeling.

    And See it so: its a game. You cant only win. Annoying situations where your skill brings you out are funny too.

    So honestly, get a bit more practice, (not on your skill, on your playwise for teammates, and this will be also be the point were the Discussion Bout Killsteal/secure ends too) especially on your phsical reallife strength and punch ya way through that fucked up matchmaking.system.

    Cause that is where they have to focus!
    Thats the most Messed up part i think. There should be normal elos, but not that hard Like in ranked. That will be change for much People the whole game.

    You have to See also what a change of the Penalty also can bring with it?:

    1-2 queuer that leave for there Team, fuck of goodwill when you get a free win in trade maybe too? Such changes would End up in the exact other direction and will mess up the game more AS it actually is messed up. Think bout teammates which stand in base and auto surrender at 10min? Report then when you mind itll do a thing. It will bring up penalty again. Theres not much room for other Methods.

    There a whole more things that have to be changed, but Actually i think the Developer got other targets as they planned at their behinnings cause Money came in foreground. But the most People in the world had changed their plans then.. hirez See it works. 10-20 ppls are talking bout these n these. OK good. Fine. Works. SWC - and tournaments - all works well. Mhh.. Whats your decision AS developer then? You cant count all reviews and reports and cant do all changes cause you cant test the whole change outgoing from small changes Luke doing items cheaper for example.
    For now, HiRez See the People plays and all seems to be fine. Maybe they know much oft sad things but cant do much against them.

    When anyone have fun on talking/discussion about these points of the game, check the forum the next days for a bigger post from me. Or message me

    Sorry for bad spelling, written on a Smartphone with a german wordbook.

    Im feeling a lil bit bad about taking my Advantage for HiRez. Sorry
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