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Thread: SMITE Console: Happy Trees | 4.8 Patch Notes

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    SMITE Console: Happy Trees | 4.8 Patch Notes

    Console Updates
    • We fixed an issue where Relics could be sold after use
    • We fixed an issue where Fafnir's Wonderland UI would display in Ranked match End of Match lobbies

    Known Issues
    • Obey bundle shows Luminosity Icon for Ward Skin
    • Bob Ross scene has graphical inconsistency on low safe-frame setting

    New God Skins

    Bob Ross Sylvanus

    Queen’s Guard Erlang Shen

    Cosmic Sol

    Vizier Thoth

    Honorbound Kuzenbo

    Obey Thanatos

    SMITE Bundle - Bob Ross Smite Bundle

    Twitch and Hi-Rez Studios have teamed up to create the happiest little accident in SMITE’s history. Introducing the Bob Ross® Bundle, starring – you guessed it – Bob Ross®.

    Ride atop a happy little Grover and fling paint at your enemies with the Exclusive Bob Ross® Sylvanus Skin. Plus, unlock a Loading Frame that makes all card art appear as a painting and a paint splatter Jump Stamp!

    Each bundle item was created by the SMITE development team in close partnership with Twitch and the Bob Ross® estate. This bundle is our tribute to the greatness of Bob Ross® – undeniably one of the true Gods of painting.

    Bob Ross Bundle
    • Bob Ross Sylvanus
    • Loading Frame
    • Loading Screen Skin
    • Paint Splatter Jump Stamp

    To read the complete Patch Notes,
    click HERE!

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    My smite crashes every time I get to the main menu

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