I'm a Brazilian, my English is average, it took me days to try to translate this, ok?
any mistake is just talk.

I wasn't doing much a few days ago, so I thought of a moba character concept, I had only thought of passive, skill 1 and ultimate, but today I was able to finish his whole concept, I thought of a character specifically who could implement new mechanical things different, so i thought it could be good in a 3d moba like smite.
The character I created uses weapons, chains, and that he could somehow control them by floating and obeying his commands. I inspired many fictional characters (if you want, I can even post more later) to give him a concept, I don't know if there is a god in Smite that would fit his concept. (I posted in a group, and one person said that he fits with the “Tartarus god”)
will use the name "god of chain or chain god" to give an idea of what the character's description would be like. He would be a warrior / tank god.

Passive: Whenever the “God of chains” takes damage, there is a small chance that a magic chain with a range of 25 units will spin within 1 second around him, causing damage, from the second activation within 5 seconds, the damage will decrease by 20% up to a maximum of two times. The god of chains can move freely during the execution of the passive

Damage at last level: 290+ (50% of your physical power)
no recharge time

Ability 1: actively the "God of chains" within 1 second will spin your chain in a space of 20 units causing damage. it cannot be pushed while performing the skill.
Passively: every time he takes damage he decreases the cooldown of this ability by 0.4 seconds.
From the second activation within 5 seconds the damage will decrease by 20% up to a maximum of twice.

Damage at last level: 270+ (50% of your physical power)
18 seconds reload on the first level and 13.5 on the last.

Ability 2: When using their chains they leave a mark, after the accumulation of 7 marks, caused by any damage from you or from allied gods, the mark explodes on your enemy and will cause 1.5 seconds of stunning.
Damage at last level 100+ (20% of your physical power)
Interval to use it on another one again, 14 seconds on all levels (on another god)

ability 3: the “chain god” summons 2 two chains, 1 on each side, being able to go in a straight line, when they allied with an enemy at a common point, the chain had pulled the chain god to its enemy, during the execution of the skill the enemy will be rooted and will be pushed by 10 units with the impact damage.

Damage at last level 220+ (40% physical damage)
Interval 16 seconds on the first level and 12.5 on the last.

Ability 4: passively the chain god gains protections every time he increases the level of this ability, starting with 10.

Actively using a skill, it makes enemies attack you for 2.5 seconds, in addition to gaining 15% of your life as a shield and 10% of mitigating damage for all levels for 5 seconds.

Final considerations
The character would be slow but with a lot of protections and a high base health, would spend a lot of mana and would need a break due to the long times to use skills, would be great in team fightes, and would contain gods with abilities that do damage per second.

Good items for the character.
Shifter's Shield
Breastplate of Valor
Hide of the Urchin
Bulwark of Hope
Genji's Guard
Traveler's Cloak
Runeforged Hammer
Hide of the Nemean Lion