Regarding the audio problems -

Im not sure why this keeps reoccurring. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling yet same bugs keep appearing. The problem i get is that randomly the in-game sound systems seem to shut down one by one. For instance, it will typically start off with the VGS system going silent. you cannot hear pings on the map or pings when somebody uses VGS. Then abilities eventually become silent, and you won't be able to hear somebody using an ability (e.g. thor going up into the air for instance), and finally even aa become silent (so you can be mid-fight and getting shot in the back by a rama and have no clue he's there simply because you cannot hear him attacking you).

its almost impossible to play this game without sound, or at least to a decent level.

In terms of fixes, the bug isn't limited to the game you are playing - i.e. it'll still be there if you joined another match. Ive tried messing around with the audio in settings and its done nothing. Only fix is to restart smite. In terms of whats causing the audio to crash, I have no clue. it seems random to me, although i seem to find it crashes quicker the more i use VGS (although it has crashed before even when i purposely avoid VGS)

Regarding the mouse icon disappearing
Again the only fix I've found is to restart smite. Basically the in game mouse icon disappears. This can happen either on the main menu of the game or mid game. Its not so much of a problem if you're not in a game, but if you are in a game, it makes buying from the store almost impossible.

The worst thing about these bugs is that either bug can result in a loss, which makes playing ranked risky business. If one of these bugs appear, you're probably gonna cost your team the game - spending a minute in the fountain each time you back just to buy an item, twice as long if you're trying to buy 2, or constantly getting ganked because you cannot hear ward pings or your teammates telling you to fall back (alternatively you stare at the minimap/comms all game and end up falling behind anyway).