I just watched the 4.8 patch notes and F. mentioned Kuku being called the "Noodle Man" and a Kuku made entirely out of spaghetti popped into my head. What an awesome, wacky idea! His body could be made out of big noodles wrapped together loosely, and his wings could just be spaghetti splayed out in a roughly wing-shaped thing to each side. His whirlwind could be a big patch of noodles coming up out of the ground like tentacles, some big and some small. His zephyr slow could be a meatball! His ult... hahahaha... It could be a giant FSM of the actual design flying across the battlefield!

I would pay dearly for this hilarious monstrosity.

Can we please have a goofy/ridiculous theme like we do with grim/pirates/.exe/etc?