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Thread: Custom Signatures and Avatars have been released

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    Custom Signatures and Avatars have been released

    Hello all!

    You may now set custom Avatars (Maximum of 80x80) and Custom Signatures (Maximum of 500 x 150).

    The requirements are set to 150 posts and 14 days registered. That said, the way I set the system up, I'm pretty sure anyone who posted 25 times on the forum before today will also be able to access this feature.

    Please remember to use common sense. All images must follow our forum COC. No profanity, no porn, nothing that is rated above PG13.

    You get one chance to have these. If you post something offensive, you lose the right to have custom images. If you decide to ignore this warning, you'll be temporarily banned by a moderator until a Super Moderator gets online to unban you (Or perma ban you, depending on the offense) and take your custom avy/signature privileges away.

    If you need any help or run into issues, please post here :

    If you want to request custom graphics, or offer others your services, you can goto our new subforum in the Art and Media section :

    Do NOT use any avatars or signatures that might cause players to confuse you with Hi Rez Staff.

    In particular, the Hi Rez Block
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