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Thread: Conquest S4 Advice and Tips Please

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    1. Stay in the lane when until you reach level 5. You can facilitate this process doing jungle buffs with your carry such as gold fury oracles, void camp, red buff and even invading the other team if you outclear them. Also, if the jungler rotates to do red buff with the mid you could rotate too to split the experience. This will make it easier to leave the lane and will make you hit level 5 quicker.

    2. You can choose whether you want to start in mid or solo, but its more likely to start in mid because usually the solo laner has sutain like chaac has the sustain. Nike has the hp5. Tyr has the fearless in the defense stance. Warriors like osiris nike bellona have a cleave that they can complimetn on buy buying deaths toll. If a warrior asks you specifically to start with them I would start with them only if I knew the mid laner has suffiecient clear to safe clear, ( ra, agni, scylla, thoth, isis)

    3. One of the good ways to avoid getting your speed taken away is doing it right after you do the first wave instead of invading the other camp with a less likely chance of getting the buff do to the fact that the enemy team could rotate after wave as well to their own buff.

    4. If I were in your position I would see every item in the game that I don't understand and read over them to see what they actually do. When listening to other players, I would do what I think is best, because if it listen to them and not go with my gut I might perform at their standards doing what they told me to do. Unless its attack fire giant and I am doing a mid camp when the whole other team is doing fire giant.

    5. I personally wouldn't play when tilted because if i make a mistake that i generally don't make and I get mad over it, I have a chance to throw the game. So I would generally take break by not playing for like 3-5 mins so I can calm down and not get mad over stupid mistakes.

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