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Thread: [PC][OCE] LF Players for regular gaming

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    [PC][OCE] LF Players for regular gaming

    Here is a rundown of what I am looking for:
    • 4-5 (maybe more) not-too-serious players who enjoy all game modes (primarily conquest but Arena and Joust)
    • Must be on OCE
    • Players who like "janky" picks (Scylla support for example)
    • ABILITY TO HAVE FUN (even when losing)
    • Preferably regular players
    • Age bracket is 20-30 (or close enough)

    And now something about me:
    • Been playing regularly since end of S1
    • 82 gods mastered
    • 5 diamond gods
    • Main mid and supp in Conquest...
    • ...But will play anywhere apart from jungle
    • I never rage at players and have a great deal of patience, however I may rage at my own game play or BS gods (praise be to Skadi nerf)
    • I play most nights (GMT+10:00) but if I do get caught up with uni occasionally

    I have found that my enjoyment of the game has started to diminish due to the lack of matchmaking in OCE (it IS getting better.... slowly....) and the abundance of players with disgusting attitudes, so this is my plea to those in a similar boat who still want to have fun with Smite. I am a leader of an all but abandoned clan and have access to Curse with a good headset. Let me know if you are interested
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