Hey, I just watched a clip where a Thoth had a nice snipe from the jungle, but I was curious if anyone has experience playing against him and/or know how far away he can be while charging his ult without having his opponents hear the "chargeup" sound of the ultimate.

Is sound reach affected by being in the jungle or not, and do obstacles actually affect range of sound effects?

I guess it's possible that sound effects may ovewrite others some times, but I don't think that was the cause for the no chargeup sound in the clip.

I know in siege mode it is possible to hear when the other team is attacking the siege juggernaut when around the red buff, but I think the juggernaut has some of the longest distance of travel (and doesn't seem affected by obstructing terrain).

Additionally I know that sight range is shorter when enemies are in the jungle, and even shorter when trying to spot enemies in the enemy's part of the jungle, but I dunno if this is related to sound.