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Thread: Nerf Gem of Isolation

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    Lightbulb Nerf Gem of Isolation

    Gem of Isolation is way too strong on magical gods that have a large amount of dot-damage, e.g Poseidon, Zhong Kui etc.
    In order to make it more reasonable I suggest adding something like "This item can only proc once per ability." DONE. It's that easy.

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    Then nobody would be using it and Gem isnt OP, lets look on HP/power tree:

    Warlock - 600 HP, 400 MP, 110 power, but need stacking
    Ethereal - highly overrated cause this item imo is completely garbage, need buff or rework to older version
    Asclepius - very good item for healers
    Gem - 250 HP, 10% CCR, 90 power and slow, its far behind Warlock and Asclepius if you doesnt count slow which is it main advantage.
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