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Thread: Why do people hate Odin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wefal View Post
    Reason(s) to hate when playing against Odin: He's OP.

    Reason(s) to love when playing with Odin: He's OP.


    Odin is too strong. Just look at his kit. No need to add more. Just read the above posts they pretty much repreat themselves.
    He is what? Explain more please, just because he has lots of damage doesn't mean he's OP. I don't see anyone saying he's overpowered in the thread...
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    [QUOTE=Zaveana;845776]Yeah 15 seconds of 65% anti-heal for potentially the entire enemy team for basically the entire team fight, it's such a bad item compared to the one active specifically made to counter one god because they didn't know how to balance said god.

    And a simple disengage makes that potential teamfight relic a bust unless you can lock down the enemy team and be successful in that 15 seconds. Both are pretty shit if you ask me. That's why one is getting a buff at least.
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    Ppl hate Odin cause they must waste relic for his ult, Im banning him always in second stage.
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    They should've just allowed you to walk through playermade walls with beads. He'd be far more balanced at that point.
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