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Thread: Thanatos Arena player DMG. U got more?

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    Thanatos Arena player DMG. U got more?

    Is there any toplist of god dmg ever? Or is anyone here who got a screenshot with more dmg?


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    I googled the subject and I found this :

    So for some reason Chronos has 60k damage. I don't know why, perhaps it's because it's an old Smite version.

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    I never screenshotted my wins =)

    I've had close to or slightly over 60k but really you can't compare (maybe 57-60.smth). They nerfed void since then and also many other item changes, also arena players seem smarter about prots vs pene so its not as easy getting kills all over cause their tank got no def for team, it was a steam roll game far from my best or proudest moment with thanna. All players on both teams where kinda bad so I felt I had to hard carry and since thanna can do that pretty okish it just took off, and it wasn't even a hard game. If you know how to build and you face a trash team to end and get a full match you can reach 50-60k with quite a few gods. But in close good games where teams are even I think reaching over 55k-60k area with any god is unlikely. You need severely unbalanced teams in skill and maybe even matchup for that. take the chronos game as an example, its not hard to see sobeks impact on this game.

    42k in an reasonably even game I would say is a great performance. 55k+ then you just stomped on noobs with a good carry god. Don't get me wrong to get above 40k you need to be a fairly good with your god.

    42k is nice especially without a hel, aphro or similar ez pz god to help you. What I find impressive here is the fact that neith, agni, ra all have nice dmg for their gods and that they have an aphro and thanna themselves. Aphro + thanna vs a lone thanna requires excellent play from the solo thanna to have a chance. So I think that thanna game from you is way more impressive if you care to look at other factors then just at the dmg number. vs a good aphro you will deal less total dmg in a game, less kills, more situations where thanna can go ah shit didn't get that kill and heal. and this aphro has next highest gpm in game so yeah. Like swap aphro for a warrior this game and you probably be looking at more total dmg (unless he would build sover and protect team from you)

    Another thing people forget is support items. If they have sover you have hard troubles breaking 45k with thanna ever. If you 3 magicals and 1 have spear and one have void, the third mage can do absurd amounts of damage and simply build only power for early and mid game. I pushed a half tanking zhong to 57k with help from my spear and demonic. Without my support he is likely around 40k atleast. I think people severely underestimate these team debuff items. Exec, demonic, spear, void. They make a whole different impact then shard, deso and titans.

    If you can stack pene as a team wisely and the enemy doesn't get proper prots either on tanks as aura or themselves then you can ez get into 60k territory with flat pen but then its a steam roll game.
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