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Thread: Bots/Sync, Hacks, Comp in Smite 2017......Sad...Real Sad...

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    Bots/Sync, Hacks, Comp in Smite 2017......Sad...Real Sad...

    I never wanted to make this post because posts like this sadly inform new players without "time in" how they can shortcut. But it happens in every game.

    I don't like this type of game, I play FPS. But when I started this game it had no lag, none at all and I didn't see a hacker for a year. I thought, "I can learn this style because I want to challenge myself and not compete against a program."

    A couple years in and I probably saw less than 5 hackers. Since I've been gaming since Asteroids they are easy to spot for me because I know the limitations of games when playing clean. I reported those hackers and never saw them again. So I started investing in this game.

    In the last 2 months this game has turned to the dark side. I first started seeing speed hacks and thought it was a phase. But then I started seeing Multi-hack users. THESE PEOPLE END GAMES. No one wants to play against a multi-hack user.

    We are also seeing Bot/Sync users. One person will have 2 accounts and 2 computers and sync in modes like Joust. The Bot will be using basic attacks on minions while the other team pushes tower with minions and gods. The bot sync holder will swap computers and all of a sudden the bot will start playing like a normal player after his other god died. It's why we are seeing so many idle players in Joust and the other person supports them being idle...because it's him/her on the alt computer hoping to sell the account...which shouldn't be have always limited IP address to one to prevent this..

    Last, the Comp is a joke. No new post needed on this topic. The game shouldn't just say, "You should join a clan if you want good comp". Some of us don't want clan drama. I decided to stay out of clans in 2003 because of all the dramatic children. The game shouldn't rely on clans to be the comp system of the game, it should take some responsibility.

    So in short let's fix these key issues;
    End the ability to Sync. This will end a game, I've seen it 100 times.
    Fight hackers. This will end a game, I've seen it 100 times.
    Fix the Competitive playing. No one will invest in a game that puts you out of your Comp zone. If they place you too high comp, the "pro's" will clown you for not playing on their level. If they place you in too low comp, you will try to teach newer people how to play and they will troll you and report you for being "salty", for some reason the new gamer kids think teaching them = salt lmao. "it's just a game, salty!". You sit there like, "holy sh..., I just tried to teach you what your 3 does..."

    Last note for the game is this. I noticed it's starting to use an anti-hack system due to the few hacks we had. I also noticed we have more hacks now that we have the anti-hack system. Many game's I've played have anti-hack systems that create hacks to sell the solutions to those hacks, so overview the anti-hack systems in the future plz.

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    I went shopping today and along the way got myself a family sized bag of spicy sweet chili doritos. It's now been about 10 hours, i've pretty much ate 95% of the bag and I still haven't taken a shit yet, not looking forward to it.

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    Ya sorry bud. Hirez won't fix any of these issues. Multiple accounts equal more money in their pocket. Hackers will get banned if recorded , but once again more Money in hirez pocket after the banned ones make another account. The new antihack program is garbage its booting and banning more non-hackers and discouraging people from logging in due to the problems with the shit program.but keep your chin up.

    Come play Paragon it's Superior in every way now that they fixed movement speed. That was the only issue that kept me from dumping the garbage that is known as smite. You know your game is shit when the hirez staff doesn't respond or even read their own forums and rely on Reddit

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