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Thread: It's time for a loki rework...

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    It's time for a loki rework...

    I propose the rework made by ProfessorLoki, you know one of the biggest Loki mains in the smite community...

    It will make him more of normal god the a pub stomper

    Passive: Trickster - Whenever Loki gets hit by a basic attack, that enemy's abilities will become scrambled for 3 seconds. This can only apply once per a specific God every 15 seconds once applied.

    ABILITY 1: Illusion - Loki creates an area of illusion that follows him. Enemy Gods from outside of the illusion cannot see Loki. Enemy Gods who step in the illusion can see Loki but will deal 10% less damage to Loki. (the illusion has a small hard-to-see border that can be seen if payed attention to. Loki doesn't get revealed if he basic attacks or uses abilties)

    Duration: 10s

    Radius: 15

    Weakness: 10%

    Cool Down: 15 seconds

    ABILITY 2: Decoy - Loki creates an exact decoy of himself (with Loki's current stats) that he may cast to whichever direction and distance of 50. Once the decoy has reached that destination to which Loki has chosen, that decoy will attack nearby minions but NOT players. Once killed or if the duration runs out, the decoy will explode. If Loki dies early, his decoy will explode dealing half damage. (Decoy doesn't attract minions but if the decoy is alone with no ally wave, or if the decoy attacks a camp first, the minions/creeps will attack the decoy. Also the decoy cannot attack objectives).

    Decoy's Lifetime: 10s

    Explosion Damage: 75/125/175/225/275 (+100% of your physical power)

    Explosion Radius: 20

    Cool Down: 13 seconds

    ABILITY 3: Baldur's Fate- As the God of Fire and God of Mischief, Loki may choose a single target within a 50 radius to trick (force) them to attack their nearest ally dealing the full amount of damage they possess with their autos. For every auto the victim lands on his/her allies, the victim will catch on fire dealing 20/25/30/45/50 (+35% of the victims physical power or 20% of the victims magical power every 0.5 for 2s. If there is no nearby ally, the victim will attack himself but won't apply the burn affect. (this ability can deal physical or magical damage depending on the victim and can be refreshed. ****The targeter is the shape of Nemesis's ult, however the player must select a victim and then must hold down the mouse button for a few seconds before they become forced. There will be a circle around the victim showing them how much longer until they will be forced. Think of it as a timer. Once the circle becomes full, the victim is forced to attack his/her allies. Jumping/leaping/teleporting away will cancel the timer. Beads can be used AFTER the victim is taken control.

    Duration: 1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6/3

    Channel duration: 2s

    Burn duration: 2s

    Cool down: 20s

    ABILITY 4: Mischief - Loki chooses a single enemy to switch looks with. When the enemy God gets chosen, that enemy God will look like Loki and Loki will look like that enemy God. During this time, the enemy God can get damaged by his allies dealing double damage if gets hit. If the enemy ally kills him/her, the kill goes to Loki. While Loki looks like the enemy God, he cannot use his abilities and he slowly gain stacks that increase his next basic attack (which will be a close range attack). Once Loki attacks, the ability will be canceled and revert back to normal both the enemy and Loki. If either the victim or Loki dies, then the ability will also be canceled. (If the victim tries to back into his fountain, he will be killed, giving it to Loki, the victim cannot get healed by his allies or buffed and will be looked and treated as the actual enemy Loki. The enemy will contain the same basic attacks as Loki but unable to use any abilities and items will be the same as before. If the enemy dies, his repawn is reduced by half. Loki may cancel this ability anytime. The CD doesn't start unless the ability gets canceled or if the duration runs out)

    Duration: 30s

    Max stacks: 15

    5 stacks per 2 seconds.

    5 power per stack.

    Cool Down: 90s


    -Great ADC or basic attack user

    -Can be used to mess up the enemy's frontline

    -Great infiltration

    -Can still kill pretty fast up close


    -Lack of hard cc

    -Lack of escapes

    -Lacks cc immunity

    -Is a close-ranged hunter

    TL;DR- Make Loki mains great again!
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    Make Loki mains great again!
    Nah, Loki mains playing him for a reason and this reason is that he can one shot ppl and be selfish in teamfights.
    This feeling when your team is far behind and you have no prospects for late game but for some reason players still doesnt want to surrender - MOBA Cancer.

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    Closing. This has no place and no discussion.
    Also the potato queen

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