Console Updates
  • Spectator is now enabled for both platforms
  • We fixed an issue where the God leaderboards would increment Players' ranks while scrolling down the list
  • Team Booster icons are now displayed under the Player who activated then in God select lobby

Known Issues
  • Relic and Consumable button call-outs may not display when using Savage, Lefty or Berserk controller layouts
  • The Ultimate God Pack button is visible in the Gods page even if you own the Ultimate God Pack

Poseidon Visual Update

  • Updated Base Model and Base Card Art for Poseidon
  • Updated Kraken Model
  • Updated Recolor, Mastery, and London Conspiracy eSports Skin and Card Art

The Earthshaker Poseidon

London Conspiracy Poseidon

Poseidon Mastery Skins

Star Lancer Anhur

Star Tamer Bastet

Star Eater Khepri

Star Strike Neith

Star Scribe Thoth

Bastet Mastery Skins

Celestial Voyage Event

Discover the world of ancient Hieroglyphs as you join your favorite Egyptian gods on a Celestial Voyage! Along your journey you will unlock secrets, solve challenging puzzles, and earn celestial-themed rewards. The one secret we can tell you now – there are many rewards for all who wish to traverse the stars.

There will be 12 Quests for you to embark on , each giving you a Hieroglyph that can be used to unlock Bonus Rewards. To claim each Bonus Reward, purchase one of the event skins to get a Craft Token. When the Craft Tokens are combined with the correct Hieroglyphs (in the correct order), the Celestial Portal will activate and bring forward your reward. Make sure to read the hints provided to figure out the correct sequence!

Direct Purchase Skins
  • Star Lancer Anhur (Exclusive)
  • Star Tamer Bastet (Exclusive)
  • Star Eater Khepri (Exclusive)
  • Star Strike Neith (Exclusive)

Celestial Voyage Collection Bonus
  • Star Scribe Thoth (Limited)

Bonus Rewards
  • Loading Frame (Limited)
  • Background Loading Scren (Limited) - New Feature!
  • Pedestal (Limited)
  • Music Theme (Limited)

Click HERE to read the full Patch Notes!