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Thread: Angelic Awilix Entry

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    Post Angelic Awilix Entry

    Sent it today, while i still could. Unfirtunetly - not really finished, but whatever.
    I must, tho - i didn't like the "angelic" theme. We already have Archon Thana, and having another one felt like getting a present from second hand store. I was looking for a way to change the theme without actually changing the theme. And while i was finishing the shadows, i remembered we have Ragnarog Force-X Thor. So, i guess the joke is on me.
    Anyway, i sent this one. Doubt they will use it thought.
    Would appreciate some feed back.

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    They clearly said that non-angelic concepts would be ignored, but other than that I think this is a nice skin.
    Though I might feel it might be somewhat familiar to her existing "Renegade" skin with the whole mecha-style, but that could be just me.
    But I wouldn't mind something like this for the future.
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    God why didn't I think of this. I love Evangelion, and having an "angel" skin, harhar, is freaking great.

    I really doubt it will make it in because it is kind of an inside joke those that watch the show, and there are probably copyright issues, but great skin none the less.

    The fact you used Asuka Shikinami Langley rather than Asuka Langley Soryu does make me a little sad though. Original series > rebuild.
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