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Thread: Emotional Connection to Toons

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    Emotional Connection to Toons

    Today I realized something rather profound. I have always known that I have a strong emotional connection to gaming. Winning and losing, getting a kill and getting killed, these all effect my mood and self-esteem. But today I had a realization of why I play the specific deities that I play, specifically Athena. I have had pretty abysmal self-esteem my entire life. As with many others like this, I go out of my way to ensure others don't feel the same way I do. I strive to make sure others feel loved and appreciated. I would love nothing more than to keep others from feeling the way I do, even at my own expense.

    Which brings me to Athena. As her, I can be the shield that soaks up all the pain and heartache of the world for my allies. I can be their' savior, bearing the brunt of the impact and sparing them the trauma. When I yell "FACE ME!" on using my taunt, I mean it through and through. I can have the strength I lack in real life, the fortitude to withstand the traumas of humanity. I also feel guilt when my allies die on the battlefield. Feel guilt that I was not there to save them. It doesn't matter if it was a squishy going balls deep into enemy territory chasing the kill by themselves (when my Ult is on CD). I still feel guilt that I could not shield them from the pain. I feel every death as if it were my own, like a tiny knife thrust straight through my heart.

    I know that for many people, gaming is pure enjoyment and they don't really have any particular emotional investment, and that's fine. We all game for different reasons. I would love to here from others on this topic. Do you play certain deities for anything beyond pure enjoyment? Do they strike a certain chord in your heart?

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    Well I've been playing games for a long time and I tend make connections like yours to characters like Ama. I played all the time because her kit,lore and general feeling of the goddess(vp,abilties lines etc) just because of the similarities. Lore wise she had a brother ruin everything for me it was just ruined.

    Now I love to play The Morrigan. Her ult is the main reason why, throughout my life I've always wanted to change myself or be someone else so I just naturally gravitated to her kit.

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    I play Fenrir because I sound like him.
    I do get super angry at this game but I don't relate to any of the gods on a personal level. Well I probably could if I tried to.
    Half of what I say is a joke.
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    I feel a strong connection to Agni because his VP just drips the right amount of emotion in his lines. For example, his VVA sounds sarcastic as hell.
    Actually back to Smite but my love for the forums isn't really the same anymore. May most likely not post god concepts again.

    Since forums are dying, feel free to join the official smite forum discord where most retired members chill.

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    Lately I've been playing alot of Wukong. Likely cause I'm stuck working at Walmart and want to start a journey.

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