Wow fucking well done Hi-rez. Nerf Skadi to the ground. THERES SO MANY MORE FUCKING OPTIONS TO TRIED TO BALANCE HER but you pick the dumbest one.
1. Reduce the immunity to like 2.5s
2.Remove Immunity but during ult for 4s Kaldr has to be hit twice to lose 1hp.
3. Remove Kaldr immunity but buff the damage on the winter grasp ticks quite a bit.
4. Remove immunity but make Kaldr more tanky with like 8 life points.
5.Nerf the movement speed buff on permafrost to 20%.
6.Remove immunity but buff skadis 1 and reduce CD on Kaldr HP recovery.
7.Remove Immunity but buff kaldr damage from 80% to 90% and reduce CD on ult.
8. And of my Fking BEST Option is make Kaldr immune to Abilities n can only be damaged by autos and NOT abilities but remove the immunity on ult in exchanged. And im saying make Kaldr immune to ability damage all time not just during Ult.
I Mean I could keep going but it just shows how ignorant and deluded the balance team in smite it is.
Simply Over -Nerfing her and then provide no other buffs or changes to make her still decent like i mentioned above its so stupid.