I drew a concept for an awilix Skin for the community Skin contest ist based on Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments. For all who dont know this fits the angelic theme because shadow hunters have the blood of angels
As this skin could have trademark issues it could be changed to the point where it doesnt

Passive: The head of the spear sparks electric
1: She summons a wolf with Greeneyes (werewolf) and his Name is luke while shes riding her Speed rune is glowing and when she jumps her agility rune. The rune is the Symbol on the ground when she lands
2: She Saltos over them giving enemies a kick with her enchanted Highheels. The Effect on the Floor for the aoe is the surestrike rune (on the heel)
3: She throws her hearneedles in a Cloud of runes
4: her spear(or bracelet) turns into her Whip grabbing the enemy and pulling him in front of her . All her runes glow and on the ground an angelic rune is seen which is slowly Fading

Backcall: She draws an Iratze on her arm and then spins around recalling

Out of combat her spear is a bracelet and during ult it turns briefly into a whip

Spawning: " Sooo many demons to kill, this is gonna be fun"
1: "come on luke"
2: "Feel the heel"
3: "Ignis Aurum probat"
I will expand this Concept with voice and other Things
Thx for reading I hope you liked it

P.S: I cant draw! o.o