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Thread: How did you learn?

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    Don't let them bully you. You can play conquest however you like. Most players have huge egos and want to trash talk unless you play it the basic way. The worst is conquest. They need to get over themselves unless playing ranked. Here is the gist of it.

    Solo is opposite carry/ support lane. Mid is middle. Jungle is everywhere.

    Solo- warrior A.K.A. high sustain
    Mid- Mage, short lane to hold the line
    Carry- Hunter, supposedly keeps the team alive while ganking ( backwards with support in my opinion)
    Support- Gaurdian with strong support abilities to support the hunter and then the team towards late game. Healing support helps most. The common misconception is that it has to be a gaurdian. It can be any god with powerful support abilities. I personally think hunters make the best support. War banner and attack support armor amps up most hunters that devestate with attack speed.
    Jungle- Assassin, moves within the hidden areas. The biggest misconception is that jungles are supposed to stay in jungle. Their main goal is to keep their jungle in check (not kill your teammates) and to support all three lanes (especially solo.) Jungle should also help get jungle buffs when possible. The jungle can be anyone with speed. NEVER A SLOW GAURDIAN. Number one priorty is to keep up/ kill opponent jungle, and be fast enough to help all three lanes.

    I do suggest trying out the basics, but never let that stop you from experimenting. I learned much better strategies my own way.

    Anyways, back to the question. I learned by experimenting and playing a lot of rank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBlack304 View Post
    Here is the thing OP, i have experienced the exact same thing, and in every match since my first one. People in conquest (normal) are horrid horrid plebs who are know it all try hards. For this reason i really dislike conquest and the way hi rez bases the game around it. In (ranked) it is 1000 times worse. i dont even play ranked anymore due to peoples shit attitude. I for one usually mute everyone and just play the way i want with the god i want win or lose the only way to learn is to play. even watching vids cant take the place of actual experience. And when ever some says stuff to you just report them for harrassment some of these players lose site of the fact its just a game and you should enjoy playing. people like that ruin this game and really should go back to dota or what ever hell they climbed out of.
    I cant say for you, but the most toxic peeps i meet in Clash and Arena
    Conquest was always the most chill for me, especially Casual. Ranked is mostly just full of scrubs that think they know the game and then suddenly get told its wrong :P
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    I learned the same way i learned fighting games looked at the move set for 3 minutes, hit the lab for 20, then head to a real match and get cream corn smashed until i figure it out.

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    Back in the old days of Conquest, there were no duo or solo lanes, no sir. There was "Left, Right and Mid". It had sorta the same structure as what we have now, but there was a bit more... freedom as to who could be where. Plus there wasn't necessarily a jungler.

    I learnt by asking and googling, but it sometimes gets a bit weird when every season the map changes and so do the rules. And I play conquest very rarely so I do get confused sometimes thus leading me to get flamed.
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    I essentially went the hard way: just played constantly on my own and people I played with pointed me in the right direction. Then I pretty much clung to Loki and Artemis as my first gods and learned general building and whatnot with them. I was at this for the rest of S1, but I gradually grew tired of going 20-1 with Loki in every game and realized that I was playing with idiots. So I decided to branch out from that point onwards to find a particularly hard assassin, and I settled on Nemesis for the rest of S2.

    Some point between I came over here, unless my memory fucked up.
    I'm pretty much trying to reclaim my lost ELO and sticking to a few gods rn. Mostly playing Cern and maybe Daji.

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    Watching streams and Drybear videos.
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    With a time and practice and a bit help of my friend back in Season 2
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    It's tough to get into conquest.. It's not just about conquest as a hole but when you get stuck with randoms who have no clue it can be hard.. In conquest it's play to win with some people not play to. Loose and they will bm all the players.. Even there mum would get bmed because that's how bad they want to win.

    As a ps4 player I get bmed as a support for not " being there " for every 1% hp the guy has because he pushed to far forward. Or For that gank happening in duo lane when because I left duo And pushed to solo lane to gank on a 2 vs 1

    Serious though if you want to get into conquest big time then play all roles not just 1, and stay away from ranked for a long time.. Get the general knowledge

    If you can't afford the god pack then buy gods with favour specific to each role. Like a few jungle characters, 1-2 good supports. A good ADC like skadi and learn how to play them all..

    As you progress learn to counter build. Counter building can greatly increase your teams chances.
    I'll give you an example " guy bms me over not being a pro SPL support when the guys against Afro support and doesn't build anti heal items like brawlers.. It's like a "newbs BMing newbs".. That's conquest in a nutshell even in ranked I'm told. Guys BMing me over being a bad support when I'm fighting an Afro who heals 24/7

    Also having somone to mic with helps a ton also. But that's a hole other story.. Gl dude
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    look for the people who curb stomp you. Watch how they play, watch what they build. Think about why they did it, then try to replicate it. Read the information of all items and god abilities, do some basic math and test out builds.

    That's how I learned. We didn't exactly have any guides back in CB.

    Now you can just google "TOPIC smite guide" and get a solid hit on most anything.
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    i learned by mostly playing it myself you will also learn it better that way
    but you should watch some people play first i find spectating ingame best as i can spectate the role i want to you will then be able to see what they are doing like jungler once you have watched enough you should go in coop vs ai match first and check out the map and camp buffs yourself then go into casual there you will learn most

    call me anything but i never watch all them pros or anything on youtube i just play add some people as friend then spectate them later when they play to see how they play what they build and how they time their abilities and stuff also test out stuff yourself get some builds then change them to your own liking

    i also dont follow meta like oh this god is not played much pros dont pick it so i will not play him/her either i pick the gods i like gods i find fun to play as and learn them
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