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Thread: Where do I go to request this?

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    Question Unanswered: Where do I go to request this?

    I can't stand playing Solo Queue on console since all my console friends hate how unbalanced Smite is and I would rather not play alone on console when I can go back to PC to play with other friends who did however I wanted to get all my exclusive event and skin items ported back over to my PC version which was inactive during the time I was in PS4 Beta and onward, So who do I contact to port my PC to PS4 account data back to PC?

    PS: Before someone might jump down my throat about me being a crybaby over these items I wanted ported back over It was close to $400 in skins and event items such as the Odyssey S3 and Escape from the underworld.

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    You can't to put it plain and simply. There is alot of legal work involved as well as just work on Hi-Rez's part.

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