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Thread: How's my Cernunnos build?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcase19zero View Post
    User Slaycrol, I listen and weigh the advice of users. I agree even with some points. I just do not have a laugh and agree with users who ignore what I say. I knew about teams long before you brought them up. I just don't care and that's not my point.

    I buy lots of team skins, but I don't really know the teams. I don't give a flying horsefeathers who they actually are. Sorry for any fans.

    Please try to keep your post relevant to this thread. If you want to discuss Smite teams start a new thread.
    Nice to see you're trying to be manipulative. Considering you're the one that brought up the skin... How about you follow your own advice and stay on topic yourself. Which, btw, has pretty much gone off topic a while ago. Too late to pretend to care about that now.

    Also pretty sure the op has long left this thread considering he only wanted to know how his build was and advice that had already been said.
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    User Snikeduden, I really like your build. It is very thought out and ability heavy. I'll have to give it a try if I remember sometime.

    I definitely agree with you. It is sad what they have done to masamune. They ironically released a Thanatos skin missing that edge. Lol I hope that they release some new deadly items soon. They keep coming down hard on the heavy ones. Cern might still benefit from the defense, but definitely no longer a power tool.

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