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Thread: So did Rat need his 1's CDR nerfed, or what?

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    yeah, the old thread was the same, and i like to make another 13 page thread asking for it, but if my luck goes same as the last 3 years, hi rezz will do the same and this means: we are asking more for an old balanced kit = more nerfs for rata...

    just think about it, people have complained about sol or nu wa for months, like 4 or more, they waited 4 fkn months to see a change, and i think that was luck, HR only makes random changes that they try to justify in the patch notes. but the funnyest part of all is that the god changes you see, the half of them are minor fixes, bugfixes, descriptionfixes.
    but i posted in various threads the festive rata skin bug since it came out (practically, i havent noticed it the first day i used that skin) and it still there.

    i feel unheard (or unread) in this forum [well, really unread by the developers, because in this forum what we really do is talk between us]

    ps: i like to add that someone in the previous thread wrote an e-mail to hi rez asking for the changes we have talked in that thread. and they said to him to post it in paladins forum. They not even read the email.
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