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Thread: Ask the Community Managers anything (Smite Related) V3

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    Is it possible to find a smite Matchmaking timer chart telling me what filters get "relaxed" after a period of said time in q.

    Or is it possible to get any general info from you as to help me prepare if im in q for any given period of time. (IE every 1 min in q more relaxed then 2 min then 5 then 10, and what fillters?... level, masteries etc.?)

    Any gernral info would help casual and ranked.

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    Okay, I’ve had these going for a while...but then I was away last week so I didn’t respond But here are some answers:

    Quote Originally Posted by Azilo View Post
    For Morrigan's first ability, her stun. Why aren't the aspects of her other forms different from the main model? "The Morrigan begins combining the power from all three of her forms" when it's just clones of her base model?

    And minus the time consumption of that, why isn't the right side model 'flipped' so that it's symmetrical and the spear lines up with the targetter?
    1. There were a few reasons that went into the decision to have the same form. First, having 3 unique models requires a lot of work. Second, in her lore, she’s often described with cloning/shapeshifting powers and that feeling of cloning was something we wanted to capture.

    2. We looked into positioning it that way, but it didn't read clearly to opponents and felt off from the player camera angle - that Ability also has a lot of artistic/programming constraints.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravensaurus View Post
    So, does that mean he is confirmed as "never be playable"?
    I know you can't say much about future god releases and stuff, but if you could say 'maybe' if once in a time he will be possibly considered as a playable god (primordial, well, doesn't really matter) or a 'no' as it is decided he will be only a camp, that would be appreciated.
    I can’t give an answer on this since I’m not on the design team, however, I do my best to pass on community requests to them, so I’ll make sure I mention it!

    Quote Originally Posted by RonanTheGreat View Post
    Are there going to be new or revised map types like you did for clash? Also do you have any plans to add Bono as a Celtic god? He certainly views himself as one.
    We’re always looking at creating new maps and revising old ones - typically happens around our larger releases though like the first patch of the season. The new Adventures mode gives us some freedom/flexibility to experiment with different map types though (Nike’s Valley of Victory’s map was completely designed for the CTF game mode), so expect to see some new things there!

    Quote Originally Posted by Alphadios View Post
    My questions: Do you or any other HiRez employee actually visit other parts of this forums, like looking into the god concept thread for some inspiration or checking the feedback? Is the forum's feedback taken into consideration ? If yes how often and what are the steps taken to implement something ?
    We do! The community team spends a good chunk each week reading as many threads as we can and collecting feedback, which we pass on to the appropriate teams. Even if we’re quiet on a thread, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t see it! For other teams, I know there are lot of people who browse the forums for player feedback - QA, support, design, just to name a few.

    Quote Originally Posted by SpanglyBalls View Post
    Given that many players have multiple accounts that are used to circumnavigate account bans, are you considering IP bans at any stage given the reputational problem these people bring to your product?
    Unfortunately, I can’t comment on what action is taken against players because it’s a violation of our Privacy Policy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anjokh View Post
    Thanks for replying. I'm glad the issue is high priority. Do you guys allow people outside of hirez to help out with Smite? As a company that gets busy, a few fans with technical knowledge can alleviate the stress of making deadlines and such.
    Also, do you plan on expanding the Adventures system to include things like puzzles or mind games? Something to challenge the mind.
    1. We’re constantly growing, so I’d recommend checking out the careers page for those interested in using their skill set for HiRez!

    2. We’re going to be releasing a new Adventures every 6 weeks, so there definitely will be new game types I can’t spoil anything specific, but each Adventure will be unique!

    Quote Originally Posted by Reklia View Post
    Bellona, Neith and Thor have the highest number of skins. I get they're your poster gods, but its getting beyond tiresome to see them keep getting skins. Why can't you focus more on the gods who desperately need skins?

    I asked PonPon when he was here why the team decided to change the way Xbal's diamond skin worked. I.e instead of his cloak being blue its now just silver. He never got back to me. Can you find out?
    1. Gods are chosen for skins and vice versa depending on our content schedule - there are a ton of variables that go into choosing which god gets which skin. A god’s popularity is a part of it, but we often look at how long it’s been since they’ve gotten a new skin, among other factors.

    2. I’ll have to ask around, I’m not sure who worked on that skin in particular.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alphadios View Post
    I see that you have a lot of qustions to answer.(Mine included) And also in the patchnotes show is always too little time for QnA.

    Then how about QnA Show ? I mean a Smite Show dedicated entirely to QnA. One hour or so only for QnA. That should ease your job and not only that. This would mean higher audiences for hireztv and also a much stronger tie between HR and the community.
    So are there any chances for something like this ?
    Hmm, maybe! I don’t think we have immediate plans on doing a more formalized show, but I’ll bring it up to the designers and our production team!

    Quote Originally Posted by GogetaAR View Post
    So, is Chronos supposed to be in the community skin contest? Or did you just forget to remove him from the list?
    I knew he wouldn’t make top 5, but I just wanted to make sure that no one could be like “y no chronos”...makes it THE most community-owned vote haha

    Quote Originally Posted by McKnightrider View Post
    Where did Bellona rank in the community god voting and can you list all the votes for everyone?
    Bellona was about in the middle of the votes. There’s a pretty small percentage difference between all of the gods, so I’m not going to share the exact numbers. But now that we have top 5, should be more interesting results!

    Quote Originally Posted by McKnightrider View Post
    What's the stance on thanatos? I've got over 100 rank games. He's probably been banned 90% of those games. There's not a single god that comes even close to him right now in being banned? I honestly don't think he's tat worth it but is he being looked at, at all?
    We’re watching him and are aware of his high ban level - however, he’s performing more middle of pack. If we adjust him, we want to make sure it isn’t just meta-specific vs. he’s actually too strong.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZetoPL View Post
    I know that 4.5 patch was already reviewed but is there any chance to improve Chalices?

    I mean to let ppl stack chalice potions while all chalice potions effect will be removed when you are back to fountain.
    Kind of QoL for these items.
    We’re overall happy with how chalices have been performing. They need to have some sort of drawback to allow more direct competition between their non-chalice counterparts. If they’re too cheap, or too powerful, they quickly become “must-buys”.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quelthos01 View Post
    Is there any consideration to adding more items to be purchased with clan honor?
    Is there any consideration to adding more items to be purchased with favor?
    Will we ever be allowed to re-lock gods? i.e., you had a few good rounds with a god on free rotation, thought you liked them and bought them, but after further play realized you'll likely never play them, and don't even want to see them in Assault.
    1. Clan Honor is something that we’re currently looking at - there aren’t any timelines right now though.

    2. I don’t believe we have any plans of adding more items that can be purchased with Favor.

    3. That’s not on our radar right now, but I’ll bring it up with the design team!

    Quote Originally Posted by hawkissimo View Post
    I'm a HUGE fan of Smite, please keep up the good work!

    Here are my contributions to this thread:

    1) VGS improvements: Will HiRez add features to make it clearer for everyone when certain actions are taking place by adding to the VGS system new automated messages like:

    1A) DEATH: Automate the VGS to say "I wanted to Smite, but now I'm smote" upon death. Aside from the humor and branding, it conveys critical information that may go unnoticed in the heat of battle - yet we're gods and the death of a god should ONT go unnoticed!

    1B) RECALL: Automate the VGS to say "I'm recalling" upon activating recall option. This would alert the team when a critical positional change is occuring.

    1C) WARDS: Automate the VGS to say "fresh wards" whenever a new ward is placed. The alerts everyone that a new ward has been placed while granting recognition to the specific player that used the ward!

    1D) AFK: Automate the VGS to say "I'm idle" if the player doesn't move >10 seconds and/or if they remain in base for the same period of time.[COLOR="#0000CD"] Yes, remaining in base for longer is poor play in all modes. Get back to the game or feel shame!

    AFK SHAME: Include AFK time within the same summery (at least) or really improve things by displaying this during the game for all players.

    AFK REPORT/PENALTY: Rather than rely upon players to band together to form a police state, do some of this work automatically. Once you start collecting this data it should be easy to determine a norm, even with lag outs that return right away, and establish an algorithm to identify abuse and not only report these players automatically but also add this as a new factor to the game start penalty systems already in place. Shame followed by justice!

    Automated VGS additions I propose serves to improve communication and/or awareness of critical factors within a game immediately an without fail. Since HiRez would have the ability to ensure that these features are done in the each gods voice, it would be 100% clear who and what each instance applied to.

    2) VGS SPAM: Will HiRez change the VGS spam limit from 9 to 3 before enforcing the cooldown restrictions (excluding any of the automated VGS options that I mention above)?

    If you're worried about the impact of ranked game communications, test this in non-ranked games for awhile. Even in ranked, a limit of 5 seems like more than enough before the spam limit should be invoked.

    3) VGS MUTE: For the love of all the gods and goddesses in Smite, when will HiRez finally give players a simple option to mute the VGS sound for individual players.

    Keeping the VGS text as-is works fine but addressing the noise that happens when toxic players spam VGS would be a HUGE improvement for everyone.

    Since we already have the ability to go to options --> scoreboard --> player --> Mute/UnMute for voice mute why can't HiRez add an option there to include a VGS Mute/UnMute by patch 4.6?

    Consider it your contribution to anti-cyberbullying.

    All of the above becomes unimportant if HiRez can simply give me the real world ability to Smite any given player from existence. <wink>
    1. We’re always looking to improve our in-game systems. I’ll bring these up to the design team.

    2. Right now, we’re not planning on changing that timer.

    3. This is on our radar!

    Quote Originally Posted by McKnightrider View Post
    Will we ever get updated VGS for things like, "ill ward the GF or FG" or "attack/defend the portal demon "
    Nothing is impossible - We’re always looking to improve VGS

    Quote Originally Posted by Najh98 View Post
    1. The surrender options needs to be changed to 3-5, is there a reason why this hasn't happened yet?

    2. The chest system has many flaws, is there any plan in the future to change it for the better?

    3. Could the rewards system be implemented onto the iPhone app, so people can get the daily logins without having to go onto a computer?
    1. We don’t see a “need” to change the surrender system, can you elaborate (so we can have a discussion)?

    2. No plans to change the Chest system, but we have been introducing alternatives, like the Adventures Gold Vault which allow for direct purchases through different means.

    3. Something we’re looking at - but won’t happen in the short term.

    Quote Originally Posted by inferno18 View Post
    Why did you add the Celtic pantheon so suddenly? I mean, I'm not complaining. Morrigan and Cern are great but it just seems sudden considering in 2016 the Japanese pantheon was released, and there were opportunities to expand that god roster this year rather than introducing another pantheon.
    With more pantheons, we get more diversity and new options/possibilities with design - which is a huge priority for us!

    Quote Originally Posted by BojangIes View Post
    Hi Amanda,

    I have a question. A lot of skins have clever names, like Swagni, Afro-Dite, Jingle Hel, and etc. Are these names typically thought up while the skin is being made? Are there any skins where the name was thought up first, and the art team liked it so much that it turned into a skin?
    Typically it goes skin concept, then skin name. We often have some pretty hilarious puns in that process.

    Quote Originally Posted by lGoulding View Post
    I've always had a curiosity: Do you keep an eye on SMITE groups on Facebook, too ?
    Occasionally! They’re a lot harder to get involved with if it’s a closed group. I also personally like to keep my Facebook profile private to friends and family so it can be difficult to join without giving that information out.

    Quote Originally Posted by OranGemeo View Post
    Is bracer of undoing working as intended? It certainly seems to do literally nothing when used.

    Any plans for some more unique actives to allow for variety? Maybe one that does an effect similar to back-off from Aprho and slows? Or one that prevents CC for a duration instead of cleanse?
    1. Confirmed working! It only heals you for damage taken very recently, so it’s easy to misjudge how much you’ll be healed, and is affected by anti-heal.

    2. We’re always looking at different Active ideas!

    Quote Originally Posted by PrestoDynamo View Post
    Is it possible to find a smite Matchmaking timer chart telling me what filters get "relaxed" after a period of said time in q.

    Or is it possible to get any general info from you as to help me prepare if im in q for any given period of time. (IE every 1 min in q more relaxed then 2 min then 5 then 10, and what fillters?... level, masteries etc.?)

    Any gernral info would help casual and ranked.
    After about a minute of searching, the queue gradually begins to relax as time goes on. There’s very few specific thresholds, and those specific thresholds can change over time depending on the health of the queue.
    SMITE Community Manager | @HiRezAmanda

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    *Asked for explanation*

    4-1 is not majority rules. There have been plenty of threads about it. The majority of is 3-2, which makes more sense than 4-1. One person shouldn't be able to troll and make people stay in a match.

    Also, people should be forced to vote, I just had a match where 3 people voted and the other two didn't. It should be an automatic surrender.
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    1. Gods are chosen for skins and vice versa depending on our content schedule - there are a ton of variables that go into choosing which god gets which skin. A god’s popularity is a part of it, but we often look at how long it’s been since they’ve gotten a new skin, among other factors.
    Oh. Okaaay. Not the kind of answer I was expecting, but I suppose thats the best I can get ^_^;

    If Ne Zha ever gets a tier 2, maaaybe can he have a nod to his old model? i.e the robe he wore? hmmm? I baked cookies. Can I bribe the design/model team with them?

    2. I’ll have to ask around, I’m not sure who worked on that skin in particular.
    Okay, don't forget! Or I will produce a sad kitty face meme.

    And finally, Posiden's tier 2.5 (or is it 3?) which is the deep sea diver thing is still using his old model. Any plans to update it?

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    Are you guys willing to create more diversity amoung class roles. E.G a guardian with ranged attacks, a hunter with melee attacks, ranged warriors, etc.

    Would you guys introduce a trading system where you could trade in favour for a roll at a chest. For example, it could cost 100,000 favour for a 55 item chest or 250,000 for a premium chest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjokh View Post
    E.G a guardian with ranged attacks.

    That said, I too wonder about diverse class roles. Stuff like, how Ao Kuong is in the Mage category, but he's an Assassin. Or how Freya and Chronos are in the Mage category, but they're Hunters. Or how Bacchus is in the Guardian category, but he's a Warrior.

    Also, are there plans to try and differentiate Hunters a bit more? Things like, different ranges on their AA's? Different scalings for their AA's (So you won't just build for AA's on your ability Hunter and still do great)

    Since, we have Mages that have vastly different effective ranges because of their ability focus so gods like He Bo or Goobis are close range, while gods like Vulcan and Thoth are really long ranged. However, when it comes to Hunters, it's pretty much all the same effective range, which is just standard ranged AA length.

    Would be cool to see more close ranged "Shotgun" style Hunters and also Thoth-esk longer ranged Hunters. (Which I think would also help fit into my initial statement about more role variety. A close range Hunter could end up playing like an Assassin, while a longer ranged one could end up more like a Mage)
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    Can i sell/trade my Hi-rez account ? it is possible ?

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    Are you ever going to add an ingame chat system to smite ps4? If so please talk about it.. Conquest is currently unplayable on console because of all the trolls, people not getting in correct lane etc etc are you going to out right ban these people because it's every game I see this!
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    Could you take the God Pack ad? Is ridiculously big, I wouldn't care if you didn't take it but make it smaller, please.
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    Why don't we have any AA-based guardians? Every class has both ability and AA-based gods except guardians. The closest we have are Ymir, Terra, and Fafnir, who have steroids, but don't rely on them for damage more than their abilities. There is a place for a magical Osiris, so why is this niche not yet filled?
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