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Thread: Gameplay Suggestion

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    Gameplay Suggestion

    Truthfully, I do love all aspects of this game, but there are just some things that could use tweaking.
    I'm sure EVERYONE goes through the days where they just get multiple people who just give up and leave after their first or 2nd death.
    Just from other games I've played, I know it's possible. But it would be really cool if you guys found a way to replace people who leave / disconnect with a bot (and no I'm not talking an easy bot that will just feed kills), one that actually has some sort of intelligence.
    My biggest issue in smite is getting those games (especially ranked) and we are forced to take a loss because a 4v5 / 2v3 is just not enough.

    My 2nd concern isn't too major, but I have noticed it since smite has come to ps4, occasionally after a loss or victory, the game will either freeze and stay at the victory or defeat sign, or at the after game summary, I am unable to press any button or leave that page, both cases causing me to restart my game (and sometimes after I can't even reconnect) but with the frozen at victory/defeat sign, when that one happens, and I log back in, looking at my history, worshipper, and favor difference, its as if the game to which it happened, never happened.

    Lastly, I've noticed with most gods with a shnazzy auto attack animation (most warriors or assasins) have a slight bug on them that if they use an ability between auto attacks, their damage with their autos don't match their attack animations.
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    That hanging also happens for me sometimes at the end of a match at the victory or defeat sign. I've never disconnected during this and it just takes longer for it to go the next screen. I'm guessing it's because somebody disconnected or it's the server or something else. But if it completely freezes and just never stops then there's probably something wrong. From my experience with computers in general it seems that once you hard stop a program while running it seems to have an issue with that point from then on. But I know very little about those things.

    About the auto attack, I believe DukeSloth on youtube made a video about this, and it's a real thing you can do, advantage, to get higher damage. I don't know if it was intended or if it was just a bug and was never fixed.

    Here it is:

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