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Thread: Mute OPTIONS>Player Emotes

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    Mute OPTIONS>Player Emotes

    Don't care how many times this suggestion has been brought up. You Rock! Cancel That! Etc. Same story new day.

    Insulting teammates let alone spamming is discouraging and distracting first and foremost, but the bottom line is this is harassment. If we're forced to deal with it or be penalized, well.. I don't know a form of words fitting enough to describe how shameful just the thought of that is. Nearly each and every day I report people for unsporting behavior for such acts to xbox whether they target me or someone else, and never do I see a response of action being taken. Smite has no report option that I'm aware of, so unless It's hidden very well and I'm unaware, then it's obvious why these players can't be dealt with by Smite themselves. So how about that suggestion while we're at it? a Report option..

    These acts not only discourage people from playing or trying but also breed others into doing it as well and with no repercussions for harassing another. They see this as free reigns to do as they please. In result how many of these players proceed even further to messages, either to keep being rude or retaliate, taking matters in their own hand because of how ridiculous people are and we rarely ever see anything being done on xbox or the game developers end. I'm not saying nothing IS being done but how are we to know with no response unless we're down right determined to follow this player just to keep track in case we can see for ourselves whether something happens or not. I'm not the person who cares to stalk a profile just for sake of ego that I accomplished something. Surely that is not the only reason but most probably the more common as I've friends who are strict on that sort of thing, especially with reporting gamertags for inappropriate words as it is the easiest to see happen.

    Also on top of this matter I'd like to point out something needs to be done about location marker spam as well.. Is it really necessary to see what, 7(?), give or take, markers spammed within 2 seconds? Further on, directed at a player after spamming You rock! Cancel that!. These two issues coincide perfectly for people who love to harass because they think they know better.

    I've been in games where just because someone died.. and blame me or someone else who already has low health and is retreating just because they were nearby and didn't (couldn't) help, get harassed by such a player who begins spamming the rest of the match. Despite how well the team actually was doing aside from that players ignorance who's now raging the rest of the team can't function as needed because they're distracted and becoming irritated. I say how well the team "was" doing because, with such a player causing a ruckus they actually begin pulling the whole team down.

    So with all that said, what really matters then?
    Protecting the claim that "a team needs to communicate regardless so we have no intention of inserting a fix for that bla bla", or..,
    "Hmm that certainly is a concern. I suppose I'd rather see players be able to ignore one with such acts and be able remove the issue, so they may function with the rest of the team who remains to try and focus on the game. Rather than that one individual focused and determined to make sure they inflict their rage in succession of childish lashes at said blamed person and result in causing the whole team to bomb because that of one person."?

    At first I believed maybe banning "Cancel That!" directly after the use of "You Rock!", but then we'd just have You Rock! spam with location markers. Which isn't the only possibility of what people will resort to doing to annoy another. So as someone else also said in their post make an option able to remove indirect gameplay emotes entirely for that selected person. You Rock! Cancel That! Woohoo! I'm the greatest! All things with no location, objective, action or object, be it player or even a ward, all be removed at ease on selected player. And strictly Limit the time between uses of location markers by comparison to what it is now. Only 2 maybe 3 max every 6 seconds with 1-1.5 second restriction between each within that time. This will not entirely remove the issue but at least it will be more of a problem for someone to continue spamming it, and it seems reasonable enough to maintain being able for one to correct their marker location when using it properly as restricting too much will hinder proper use.

    There's really no excuse why a mute can't be placed at least in start/menu Scoreboard as for
    1: everyone has time the time to while they're dead.
    2:We're already given the option to Mute someones mic so what's the difference? It's far more of an inconvenience to have to "pause" and go to player list just to select view gamer card and message this person to shut up. Which is as pointless as the use of "Quiet" for such a situation in all honesty because that just opens opportunity for direct message harassment. Even knowing that though doesn't help enough and depending on choice of words players may feel pushed far enough in retaliation as to getting themselves communications banned, or whatever else possible, because they feel they have no other option. Which not everyone can resist doing so.

    So instead of Mute player for their mic in the players list, how about give that button a sub option entirely.. Mute Mic, Mute Commands/Emotes or Mute all?
    X (Square or whatever for other console users)= Sub menu:
    >Y(Triangle etc.)=Mute Mic
    >X(Square etc.) Mute Indirect Emotes(Or commands whichever you prefer to call them)
    >A(X etc.)=Mute All
    >and B(Circle etc.)=Cancel.
    As 3: It's already obvious they can manage this as how are the communication emotes/commands already set up?

    Edit: If you've read it all I apologize but also thank you for your patience. I do not like to leave cracks in my points for people to poke at. One who seeks cracks in the wall out of mischief to try and tear it down simply have no reason to belong in the first place.
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    I just now seen that said ingame, you rock, cancel that. or the other versions of it.
    But from what I seen to report is ONLY after the match on the scoreboard, a one time report option is open, Not during, or past matches if you pushed your buttons to hurry up and get to a new match.

    Once, ONCE! on the scoreboard right after the match.

    But you gotta take it all with a grain of salt. Because with the mics unmuted I've noticed 99.99% of players are little boys who's nuts haven't dropped yet.

    Just keep in mind those kids of yesterday are all now safe spacers and anitfa clowns with their pro nouns. LOLZ.

    So the joke is one these as well. What mess are they going to be? Am I right?

    I was born in the 80's enjoyed the 90's slept thru the 00's and woke up to the nightmare of the 10's.
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