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Thread: PS4 to PC Porting?

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    Question PS4 to PC Porting?

    I mainly got the Port from PC to PS4 because I was trying to get friends who could not afford a PC to run Smite properly into the game but none of them really found it enjoyable so I'm stuck solo queue on console all the time. I just wanted to see if Hi-Rez might comment on this issue or find it a small problem but I was hoping to have all the purchases I got on Ps4 ported back to my PC account and return items I was stripped of when coming to console (SWC 2016 Zeus, Epic Border) don't want to quit the game but I don't want to play with the console players anymore when they don't seem to improve and take insult to any criticism or suggestion to improve performance of the god they play, but the idea of having spent possibly $500 in skins and events over this time span and not having them coming back to PC irritates me.

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    as far as I knew, when you linked your account (which is what i'm assuming you meant) all the stuff you had on pc should still exist on pc. There is just now a copy of it on your console.
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