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Thread: Match of the Day Schedule | March 16th - 22nd

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    Match of the Day Schedule | March 16th - 22nd

    I'm back with another MOTD schedule!

    As I said last week, keep in mind that this will be a tentative schedule since there can always be emergencies, technical difficulties, etc. For the Community Choice, you can vote for 1 of 3 Match of the Day variants for this day by commenting on here or voting on Twitter (I'll link my poll each week). We'll tally 'em up and the most popular one will happen.

    Thursday, March 16th - Vulcanic Eruption
    Vulcan, the god of the forge, is here in a hot and heavy Arena match so exciting it'll overheat your guns.
    • Map: Arena
    • Gods: Vulcan
    • Notes: The Ides of March continues with another Roman-inspired MOTD.

    Friday, March 17th - Don't Pinch Me Bro
    The gods in green are having a St. Patrick's day party in the most green battlefield they can, the Mayan Jungle.
    • Map: Siege
    • Notes: What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day then with a green-themed MOTD!

    Saturday, March 18th - Beauty and the Beast
    Freya, Norse beauty, and Anhur, the beastly Egyptian slayer, team up to destroy all adversaries in this Joust match.
    • Map: Joust
    • Gods: Freya/Anhur
    • Notes: Get ready for the new movie by playing a MOTD that has a tale as old as time!

    Sunday, March 19th - Like,Father, Like Sun
    Don't stare at the Son! Anhur and his father Ra team up in a battle of Conquest for old and new.
    • Map: Conquest
    • Gods: Anhur/Ra
    • Notes: It's Father's Day in Italy this weekend, so gotta do this fatherly mode!

    Monday, March 20th - Community Choice
    Vote for your choice of Match of the Day Mode by commenting on this thread!
    • Option 1: Mass Deicide - Battle rival gods to see which team can slaughter 30 of their enemy first.
    • Option 2: Siege Smackdown - Starting Gold:100,000, Map: Siege Gods: All, Selection: Random
    • Option 3: Jousting Assault - Take to the Chinese islands with a random god, no recall, and no base healing in a 5v5 Assault on the Joust Map!

    Voting ends Friday at 12 pm EST!

    Tuesday, March 21st - Pet-A-Poolza (PC Only)
    From cute Spiders, huggable Clay Soldiers, and “adorable” Krakens; pick which minion you want to represent in this Conquest contest!
    • Map: Conquest
    • Gods: Ah Muzen Cab, Ah Puch, Arachne, Artemis, Awilix, Bakasura, Bastet, Chang'e, Erlang Shen, Nu Wa, Poseidon, Scylla, Skadi, Vulcan, Zhong Kui

    Tuesday, March 21st - The Wild Hunt (Console Only)
    Get ready for hunting season with an all Cernunnos battle. Will you be the hunter or the hunted?
    • Map: Arena
    • Gods: Cernunnos
    • Notes: In honor of 4.4 hitting PC on this day, we're having an all Cernunnos MOTD!

    Wednesday, March 22nd - Couples Clash
    Catch your best friend and queue up because it’s a 2v2 Clash Match.
    • Map: Clash
    • Notes: I heard your feedback about bringing the 2v2 Wednesdays back!

    Don't forget to vote for this week's Community Choice MOTD and tune in next week for another schedule!
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