phantom whenever an odin is in enemy team and if team is good we get atleast 2 phantoms odin will build cdr and will be able use his ult often so you need 2 phantoms if one is down second one will help you escape

any god with leap can get out of odin's cage
osiris passive can help you pass thought his cage like a boss
sol's 3 can also help you get out
if odin have you in your cage someone from your team can use their ranged abilities to hit him from outside like vulcan's ult or hou yi's ult it will force odin an his allies to retreat
someone from your team with cc can help you while you are in the cage like when im hades and my teammate is trapped in cage i silence the enmies inside or use ymir's freeze and stuff like that
you can also run around if you are alone wth odin in the cage making him hard to hit you or you can just fight him if your ult is up ult him