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Thread: What am I supposed to do?

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    Well to know what you want to do,the process may take 3-4 days,just go outside for a walk,talk to friends,talk to your parents,do an activity and whatever comes in your mind that you think you can be the best,start developing,start working a part time job,start doing stuff,so you have a better ideology what it means to start doing something.
    I had this problem and I said to myself I want to make a lot of money,like,to hit the 1 million until I am 30yo.I am 19 now and I did Freestyle Wrestling when I was 5-6 until 12-13 then I did some karate and now I wanna step into the cage of the MMA scene,I think I have a chance,I don't know how it will work out,but if I try and give my very best,maybe it will work.The thing is to be Relaxed but Focused.
    Do what you think it will work out and you have a passion that you will be the best.

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    Thanks to everyone who's replied. I have a much better vision of who I possibly want to be and I'm going to try my best at it and see where it takes me.

    Quote Originally Posted by amelixo View Post
    And just realise that you don't need to have the perfect job with the perfect salary to find true happiness. I mean I know many people who just work in coffee shops that love their lives and their work.
    I just want to do what inspires me and makes me happy, which right now is Tennis. I feel kinda bad that I didn't start it earlier in my life but I didn't really realize my love for it til recently. Even if I don't become a big name in it or not even close at all, I wont care because it makes me happy.

    Quote Originally Posted by MagicFighter View Post
    As an 18-year old we seem to be in a same predicament.
    Hope it feels better on your end as well my pup

    Quote Originally Posted by BobKetchup View Post
    I'm 14 and I do online school because public school nearly drove me to suicide and I don't know why, I switched a few months after I turned 14 and I feel the exact same way.
    Jesus dude, I hope you're alright now

    Quote Originally Posted by zecleria View Post
    never forget that passion=/=interests as well. i joined this college cus computers and tech stuff always caught my interest(they still do), but it took me an entrance to a few engineering maths lecture to say "fuck all this shit". to find what you truly like, go and actually try doing it. only then you'll find your calling.
    Problem with Tennis is that I only 'play' twice a week, and I'm desperate to play more but noone is really willing to hit with me. I have a competition most Sundays that I play in, which recently I've been doing good'ish in.

    Again, thanks to everyone who replied. I really appreciate it!
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    Meh. I am 25 and still have no idea what I am doing with my life.

    Other stuff: Supremacy game mode and item suggestions

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    18 here. Technically I'm a "failure" at life. I work at Walmart and have no wish to go to college or find a different job. But I don't care. I play with friends online in my time off and am living a pretty good life. Sure I'm never going to make a sizable difference in this world but what I can do is help out others in my most proficient subject, Video Games. I'm often on the forums (For various games) and in game trying to help people out. Don't worry about what society thinks of you and keep doing you.

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    I'm 19, no job and going to college on my parents money. You shouldn't worry about getting your life figured out right away, these things take time. A really nice instructor at my college gave me his extra violin and helped me get started playing. Even with my passion in music, I still have no idea what i'm going to do. Just get a small job that supports you financially so you can try things out to figure out what you really want to do. Really there is no deadline to life
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    I'm 20. I've had my problems with drugs. I've done nearly every one in the book. Suprisingly, I'm still alive. More surprisingly, I win SMITE games with my melted brain and slowed thinking. Or, is that a stereotype proven wrong by yours truly...?

    Even more surprisingly, I aggressively trade stocks on the stock market. I have 3 different brokerage accounts, A job lined up in the inner city, and a family that understands me, despite my failing of all of my college courses.

    You're 16, so you must wait two years before you can REALLY get involved in that risqué come-up business. Binary options, futures, stocks, ETF's, Forex, Businesses, gambling; Hell, even buying your first cigar requires you to be 18.

    In some places, it's 21. That's cool how you're so anxious to become something in this world that you're suicidal depressed. Most kids try to fake being happy and smoke weed and drink all day, bumping trap music and never doing anything with their existence. It takes a man to cry. Y'know, when its for the right reasons. In this case, it's impressive that you're sad about life not moving fast enough. Take heed; there were moments in my life where I was in the same boat. Then I realized that from a certain point on out, death starts to loom everywhere. Dying grandparents is a real kick in my tiny heiny.

    Grandpa is terminal. My best friend is older than me, and has less going for him in life than I do.

    What's important is that you never hold yourself to a high standard. Except with women, yum. But even then, you get all the crazy ones. So aim for just under high standards and just above medium standards on everything. Jobs, quality of weed, friends, games you play (SMITE is right there on that standard.)

    Seriously though, the first place that offers you a job where you can get busy working and the ambience is calm, take it. Try to stay away from smoking weed or drinking alcohol on the weekdays, and if you have prior engagements, fulfill them. We can all try to convince you to never smoke weed or drink alcohol ever, but its 2017, like c'mon, we're trying to be real here. If you can do that, Amen to you; I'd have as much respect for you as Usain Bolt's running speed record if you never fornicate. I know one woman in my family like that. She's loaded. Proof is in the pudding with staying focused.

    You'll come to learn that school isn't for everyone. The world isn't an easier place without a degree, and you may find yourself at age 35 returning to school pissed off if you don't buckle down and at least try now, so, yeah try. With college, you can miserably fail a class, and as long as you were taking notes and paying attention you can manage to retake the course the next time around and definitely do better, especially if your parents bark down your ear the way mine do screaming "DO GOOD THIS TIME!"

    Meh. Ignore people. You'll know who to ignore. It's sad to have to ignore people, but sometimes you just know. The same people to ignore are the same people who religiously gather around a fire every night and slug down beers underage. Or smoke weed. If they do both, all the worse to them. Lessons learned by yours truly. Awh. My aching bank account. My maaahney.

    What was I doing when I was 16... hm

    Being bone-skinny. Y'know, weed. That'll do that if its a bowl of herbs instead of a bowl of pasta.

    Having my close calls with bombshells. These kind of girls were beautiful, but I mean, eek. The things they wanted to do for fun just let you know; do not let them blow. Lel. Need I say more? Maybe give them a kissy and a back rub, nothing more.

    Playing videogames at home. Even with some of us older folk in our 30's out here, we find our ways to be happy. Me personally, I love hopping on here being Satan Anubis. I love scaring Catholics half to death on the enemy teams, watching people squirm to Satan running up on them is absolutely hilarious, especially when they start jumping around like a fish out of water xD

    hm. Y'know, I enjoy helping depressed people. Maybe you're not glum now and wishing the pop-ups from people commenting on here would stop lmfao oh well more remediation!

    I'd get into the Gym. Thank me later.

    Oh, and Muscle Milk. Thank me again later.

    Oh, and Oblique twists with Oblique crunches instead of those excercises where you bend your body sideways with free weights. You can thank me a third time much later on.

    Oatmeal. I'll take that fourth thanks.

    Uhm.. what else

    Oh, yeah, here's a big one; I live in this massive French-style Villa but it's awful when there's no one here; its me, my dog and her problems every three hours with her butthole. If you're looking around you sad because of some type of low income or medium-income situation, I'm here to tell you that even living in this big house is not all that it's cracked up to be. Y'know, like its worthless if there's no one to share it with. I definitely have my peeps where we go out and record music. That's what you might need, a really good hobby. Like I said, the gym, because when summer rolls around and you spent the spring sucking it up through the thunder and rain to get those gains, girlies melt to the shirts off. Facts.

    6 meals a day, I'll take that fifth thanks.

    I'm a huge flamer, I'll subtract one of those thanks.


    The Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson is life-changing. Astronomy has always been interesting to me; When my grandpa died and got resuscitated, he said that he sat on the edge of the universe gazing amongst the stars, not breathing, not moving, not feeling in any way sad or glum. Eternal Bliss. That show will have you wanting psychedelic whatever-you-can-get-your-hands-on's along with binge-watching the whole 12-hour series on Netflix. Of which, I refute the use of. The Cosmos and a glass of water would do nicely.

    If you really do wanna pull a procrastinator in school to save your academic grades, I'd listen to 10 hours of a jungle thunderstorm on YouTube and bang it all out with 6 cups of coffee in a single night. You'll go to school feeling like a slug the next day, but at least you can slug your way through and hand in all that fresh-off-the-printer schoolwork. It's what I did. best sleep of my life, that day.

    Perhaps you masturbate too much. Oops, everyones' insecurities. Yeah, I said it. Try cutting down to 2 sessions every week from what I would guess would be 4 or more for you. Insulting? Maybe. But, if it's the truth and you can admit it to yourself that there's that much of that going on per week or even more, then there should be no problem in taking the advice at face value and going for it. I feel like curbing a habit such as that can make you more emotionally available, like how you were here. All opinions of course. You'll know your body better than I would want to, so cheers if you take this advice seriously and give it a shot.

    I have a light acne problem so I walked into a CVS, went to the back and asked a pharmacist about professional advice on remedies. If you have even the slightest hint of acne, that could definitely be an awesome place to start. Its cheap, the advice is effective, and it beats spending 1200$ on a Dermatologists' opinion and treatment. Having no acne makes me feel great. Like I don't have to think twice about someone looking at me because I look like Freddy Kruger. Rather, getting looked at like a human being, a cute one too. Lmfao, those insecurities are real af.

    Lastly, integrity. I've met some psychotic people in my life, and it wasn't even because they were psychotic; they just simply liked to lie and get away with lying. That's a death wish, by the way, that lifestyle. Your integrity is all you will ever have in the professional world, if not a paycheck and working tools.

    Always tell the truth. That's a lot coming from a guy who likes to play as Satan on SMITE. Trust.

    If you never lie, suddenly rip the gym 5 days a week, eat 6 meals a day of oatmeal for breakfast, at least one meal consisting of two eggs on wheat bread, muscle milk, protein powder and milk blend for those money struggles and long hauls with no paychecks, acne regimens if you have any, and try to curb the habit of beating your meat, I'd say if you suddenly did that and kept with it, then by August you could find yourself taking your shirt off and feeling like a deer in the woods. Majestic; graceful; natural. It takes a lot too, like I know how addictive it is to crack a Coca-Cola. I haven't had added sugar in over 40 days. I do all of what I mentioned above. Look at all of this energy to type. I bet you're running on Empty just reading this all!

    Cheers, bud. The teens seem to slip by. There's some kind of good feeling about beginning things for your first time young. There's so much understanding from bosses and mentors. The younger of an age you try to take on adult responsibilities, the more lee-way you have in making mistakes. Unless someone treats you like trash for messing up, like some people I know. They can get trapped in my Anubis Cocoon and get melted by my Death Gaze for all I care.

    I'd take this post with a grain of Creepy Pasta. I have terrible nightmares, but playing videogames and having victories makes me destroy my demons in my sleep. I wake up like;


    lmao do things that will build your character, if you skipped to the end looking for a summary.
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