Greetings! I want to share this deck that I build up. With CB5, I wanted to try a more aggressive Egyptian deck with Isis, and I had pretty good results (trapped on Platinum Tier because bad matchmaking, usually matched against 1600 players and below).

- The idea is the a classic Midrange deck: Play on curve, make favorable trades thx to Isis Protection as you can bait removals on minions (the only Gods that can deal with that are Poseidon -nerfed- and Guan Yu's Crescent Blade), win on mid-game. Only three gods to "combo" with Ritual Tribute (4-9 Geb and use his +0/+3 ability; 6-7 Anubis and another 3 damage on 3 tiles; and 4-5 Bastet with his cats, that is really annoying :P ), so you will have assured a good use for that ability and a fair chance (33% if you played all at least one time) if you need more survival (Geb) or that 3 dmg to remove or even deal lethal (Anubis). If you draw Ritual and at turn 6 you didnt get even one single god, you have a sh***y luck, dude .

- Pros: Can overwhelm Control Ra, summoning threats on the field constantly, as you play faster than them and keeping the removals for the right targets, like silencing Bastet or Ritual Tribute with Chaos Spawn, Execute for Osiris, Anubis or Giant/Blademaster. The Protect from Isis makes a pain in the ass for Ra to deal with it. They most depend on a tricky Book of Thoth or Annihilation.
Favorable matchup vs Greek and Aggro-Norse (Bastet, Decrepit Bowman and Doom Speaker rekts their early game, and Chaos Spawn shuts down Fenrir; vs Zeus just outrun them). Vs. OTK Norse is pretty tricky, but thanks for his ability change (cant longer cast it on himself) I saw it favorable as you are the aggressor, but dont take to much time and beware Loki. If you are struggling against them, maybe changing one Execute for the new 4-mana spell that deals 4 damage on a tile should be enough.

- Cons: Really had a bad time vs Guan Yu Tempo. Crescent Blade wrecks your early game,as he saves that spells to make favorable trades and getting minions at the same time. And the Isis' Protection isnt enough for your minions.

- Mulligan for Fire Imp, Magma Slam/Sunder, any 3 drop (consider Chaos Spawn vs Egyptian and Norse for Bastet/Fenrir).

- Because of Guan Yu, the last change a made was -1 Last Breath +1 Execute, as Recall nullifies Last Breath when casted on a poisoned enemy.
- I'm still testing some cards, depending the most decks that i'm facing on Ranked. Some options could be -1 Chaos Spawn +1 Doom Speaker (I love this "neutral Brontes") or +1 Basilisk/Scion of Doom for an early drop; -1 Bull Demon King +1 Kang (I dont have it and i rly want to see the bull shining ); -1 Fire Giant +1 Blademaster.

Hope you enjoy it and I will be glad to recieve any suggestions n.n